4 Rainbow Watches That Are Amazing To Wear

Why do so many rainbow-themed watches emerge today? A slew of watch companies has launched collections based on singular models, in a range of color choices, in what appears to be a pattern that began last year when the global pandemic began. It’s as if saying that no matter what year comes, life must still be colorful,  especially in your watch.

With the launch of movements in so many color options, no color is lacking, and no variant is hidden. It is figured that it’s fun to gather some of the most vibrant offerings, examine what brings them fascinating from that perspective, and see if there’s a rainbow link to be created between them all. Let’s take a look at the watches that are very colorful and attractive.

  • NOMOS Club Campus 38:

Remember seeing the NOMOS Glashutte media pictures for these watches and instantly falling in love with the visual style? These colors are very unique and appealing. The Trevor Project, the world’s biggest suicide prevention and crisis intervention agency for LGBTQ teenagers, receives profits from each sale of this set, which benefits the greater LGBTQI+ wider community. This limited edition series does not follow a fashion pattern but instead uses the imagery of the rainbow to highlight the significance behind the products themselves.

The Club Campus design and California dial, which are already excellent designs, look way better against this color scheme. This is reinforced by the fact that NOMOS has kept the price of this launch at an incredibly affordable $1,650. Given the charitable factor, the only negative or neutral news is that all of these watches had already been sold out.

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual:

Most people consider the Oyster Perpetual to be the most stripped-down version of Rolex timepieces. In reality, the words are placed directly on the dial of essentially every Rolex model. It is, in many respects, the fundamental watch, one which rules them all. As a consequence, it has traditionally emitted the polar opposite of a pleasant sound. It was the kind of watch that only talks when talked to and that only laughs at your humor since it has to, for risk of being sent to the watch box or, worse, sold.

There has been a gradual push in modern years to create the watch more “interesting.” Consider the now-discontinued OP 39 collection, which blue dials with green accents, included plum dials with pink accents, and rhodium dials with blue accents. Even so, they seemed somewhat shy. The Explorer and Submariner have the same discussion with the OP yearly at the imaginary annual Rolex watch convention, an event only the watches themselves can attend

Years of nagging finally paid off, as the latest Oyster Perpetual in 36 and 41 mm now comes with light pink, dark green, coral, yellow, and powder blue dials. This is a new Oyster, and it has a very different attitude to boot. It has double baton markers because it’s defiant and recognizes you want single batons and dial colors that exude confidence not often shown in this section. Days are gone when the Oyster Perpetual could be described as “under the radar.”

Coral and yellow dials are popular. They have deep, shiny, and prominent shades of each color and are suggestive of the popular and oft-copied Stella dial Rolex watches from the 1970s. As they have lost their traditional influence, it is believed the 41 mm size is appropriate for the watches overall, and since the 36 mm carries larger due to the technological Rolex case design, it is also a beautiful style. Apart from the colors, the incorporation of the Rolex Easylink extension device elevates these “entry-level” watches to the level of Rolex’s advanced versions. While Rolex did not intend to participate in any fun watch theme, the OP fits in perfectly.

  • Doxa Sub 300:

Doxa is a brand that, many contend, once stood arm in arm with the “Crown” in the dive watch mythos. The explanation for the hesitation is that Doxa’s colored dials are an established quantity, and the colorways haven’t changed with the introduction of this new Doxa Sub 300 section.

It was after seeing the vibrant variety of Doxa’s rubber bands, which were color-matched to the similarly colorful dials. The Doxa Sub 300 is a contemporary improvement over the 300T, precisely a return to the ratios of vintage Doxa divers. The one thing that is always liked about Doxa’s Sub 300 collection is that it has stayed mostly unchanged. These aren’t beautiful watches, which is a positive thing for the people who sport them. There are chunks of metal that say the time, and getting a splash of color helps to keep things bright in the deep, dark waters.

  • Breitling Endurance Pro:

These are a controversial group of watches, but they are fun nevertheless. The combination of pro sports ability and the mischievousness of the colors results in a perfect watch for this day and age. These are lightweight, chronometer-rated timepieces, and although they do feature a quartz movement, it is SuperQuartz.

The color palette used in the design of these watches adds to their appeal. In that respect, it differs from the other sets on this list. The strap is the first spot you notice the color on the Endurance Pro. There are six colors in total: blue, white, orange, yellow, and red. Each watch comes with a color-matched marked Breitling bracelet. Color synchronization is not always to the dial, but rather to different crannies and nooks on the flange and case, which carry out the hue in a more complex way.

The black dial generally keeps serious, while the color squirts on the pulsation scale, crown, and pusher make things interesting. And it doesn’t help that the most famous Tour de France winner, Tadej Pogacar, had one on his wrist when he finished the race.

In A Nutshell:

However, the meaning of “rainbow” has changed over the years. Rather than high-end diamond-encrusted pieces, we’ve seen brands release pieces in lower price ranges. Taking it a step further, we see that the rainbow concept has evolved to include transforming whole collections into a rainbow, or multicolored series, rather than limiting this definition to a single object. The pattern, in general, appears to be tied almost entirely to this year, as mentioned in the list.


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