4 reasons earning your CPR certification is a MUST if you work in the gym!

If you are working in a gym or you are thinking of opening a fitness studio, you need to know how to take care of your clients. Even if you are not in charge of offering classes and you just have a commercial gym with cardio equipment, free weights, and resistance machines, you need to keep the safety of all of our members in mind during the entire day. Although you may not have to work with people one-on-one like you would find with personal trainers, sports and conduit coaches, or health and wellness coaches, owning or working in a gym means you have a responsibility to the clients.

In this case, earning your CPR certification from MyCPR NOW is an absolute must so you can keep your members safe and protected during their fitness journey. After all, accidents happen – avoid anything from happening in your fitness studio that can cause a lawsuit, injury, or death. Earn your CPR certification to avoid accidents – find out more here!

4 reasons earning your CPR certification is vital if you work or own a gym!

First off, what is the CPR certification? This type of certification – also known as the cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification – is a process that ensures someone is well educated and certified in all matters surrounding first aid, hospital training, and health training. The main focus of the CPR certification course focuses on practical training, theory regarding CPR, and circumstances in which someone may have to use CPR in the workplace.

Keep clients safe

One of the main reasons that you should earn your CPR certification is so you can keep your clients safe. After all, someone may be exercising with an unknown health condition that can cause them to pass out during exercise, seize up during exercise, or stop breathing while working out. In this case, you need to spring to action and be able to know how to handle the immediate response before an ambulance or 911 arrives.

Avoid accidents

The next reason to get your CPR certification is to avoid accidents that can lead to injuries or deaths. If you find that someone has been injured in the gym and you are not sure how to react, this can lead to the injury worsening overtime before the ambulance arrives. Jump into the action and prevent the injury or illness from worsening in the crucial minutes before help arrives.

Avoid lawsuits

The next reason to earn your CPR certification is to avoid lawsuits if someone is hurt in your gym, and you are not sure how to react, they can sue you for negligence after the incident occurs.

Peace of mind

The last reason you should consider getting your CPR certification is to have better peace of mind when working in and owning your gym. If you are not sure what to do in the case of an accident, this can make you nervous – avoid this stress by earning your certification.


If you are working in a gym or owning a fitness studio, then you need to earn your CPR certification. Earn this certification to avoid any accidents, lawsuits, and injuries from harming your business credit and client safety.


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