4 Reasons Why Businesses/Companies Upgrade to Magento 2

The 2015 update of Magento was a groundbreaking one in the field of the content management system. Magento 1 was almost done and dusted with, while Magento 2 looked very much like the future of e-Commerce. It can safely be labelled as the leader of open source commerce innovation. As soon as it graced the market, it became one of the most powerful (if not the most) e-Commerce platforms, and businesses and companies rushed to upgrade their Magento model.

There are several reasons why any e-Commerce company sought to upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2. With the right kind of Magento 2 upgrade service like Growisto’s upgrade service, your business can reach heights hitherto unknown. Let us look at the reasons that are pushing every company to resort to Magento 2.

E-Commerce uses Magento 2 for better performance and driving more traffic to your site.

We really appreciate it and value those that love the product just as much as we do! And because your Magento content is valuable to us and your readers that find it through search, we wanted to let you know that Magento is now Adobe Commerce. We consolidated our two power brands, Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce, into one last year to help customers come together to learn, share, and collaborate on commerce challenges.

Magento 1 is Obsolete

Magento 1 has reached its end of the life cycle. It is no longer supported by either Adobe, its parent company or by Magento itself. Initially, both versions existed simultaneously due to people’s reluctance to upgrade. But times have changed now, and business owners have finally understood the benefits they can reap from a Magento 2 upgrade service. Magento is no longer capable of fixing things for your site. Moreover, it will not have updates or security patches anymore, making it a redundant and almost useless service. Without the security patches, your system becomes more vulnerable to spam registrations and DDOS attacks. This sort of security collapse can prove to be extremely detrimental as your customer’s sensitive information like address, credit card details, and phone number can lay bare for any impune attack. The breach of trust between a company and its customer can result in severe loss of goodwill in the market and marked reduction of sales.

Better Performance

One of the most pressing reasons why companies are opting for a Magento 2 upgrade service is Performance. Magento 1 has exhibited signs of the restricted capacity of Performance since its young days. But with its upgrade, one can access performance optimization, better sales and wider customer service. Magento 2 can successfully load millions of pages simultaneously, which was impossible with its forerunner. And it is a known fact that the faster the load time, the more traffic you can attract and retain long enough to make a conversion.

Magento 2 had added the Varnish web accelerator, resultantly improving the out of box performance. It allows full page caching and segregating the cacheable data in a memory place that can be queried at will. This smart handling of the cache increases the speed of your e-Commerce site incredibly.

Magento 2 is 25% faster than its predecessor and can process over 39% more orders per hour, accompanied by faster checkout times and server response.

In a competitive market today, one can make great use of the Performance that Magento 2 comes with.

Improved Scalability

When you get a Magento 2 upgrade service, you can enjoy both flexibility and scalability. Although not many people try to explore Magento 2’s scalability, it can be as scalable as you would want it to be.

Scalability is an important part of any business target and more so in the case of e-Commerce. It is extremely important to plan a development project before store launch; otherwise, it could be a problem when you try to grow later. You can track the performance of your site and user behaviour by using statistical and analytics tools. Magento 2 lets you integrate open source statistical tools. This will let you collect all the data that you need to scale.

Advantages for SEO

Magento 2 upgrade will make your online store more secure. Your customers will be able to find you easily on search engines. Search engine optimization will yield better results in your brand’s favour.

There are several other ways in which Magento 2 will make your SEO easy:

  • URL customisation will be more SEO friendly, including the use of keyword rich URLs, flat site architecture and use of hyphens.
  • Efficient generation of XML sitemaps
  • It also makes your meta content stand it.
  • Broad-spectrum SEO optimisation

These aspects can make your business big and help you reach out to people more. Attracting traffic to your online site is the first step to success for any eCommerce business venture.

Magneto 2 has revolutionised the business world, and more and more are opting for it. It allows you to expand your business besides conducting it safely and in a better way. Having the right tool at hand can win the confidence of your customers. Magento makes sure that your customer data is secure and nobody can breach the virtual wall and extract any kind of information. This will lead to more customers at your site and scale your sales. A Magento 2 upgrade service will allow you to reap all the benefits mentioned above and more.


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