4 Signs Your Children are Ready for a Pet






As a parent, there will more than likely come a day when your children ask you for a pet. It’s something that a lot of children are certainly interested in, but it’s not something that every household or every child, come to that, can manage. So rather than simply agreeing and then regretting your decision or saying no when it could actually be a good idea, it’s wise to weigh everything up first. It might be that your children are ready for a pet and can deal with the whole situation themselves. Here are some of the signs that this might be the case.

They Are Doing Their Own Research

Many parents are concerned that their children’s desire to have a pet is motivated only by a whim or by jealousy because a friend of theirs has something that they don’t or for any number of other reasons that won’t stand the test of time. Parents will often be concerned that the seeming genuine longing for a pet is simply a phase that will pass as soon as you decide to take the leap and buy them the guinea pig, rabbit, dog, kitten, or reptile they so badly want.

However, if you find them online searching for how to litter train a puppy or the best guinea pig cages or how to introduce a kitten to a dog and what steps implement, this may be a promising indication that they are ready for pet ownership. It proves they are taking the possibility of becoming a pet owner seriously.

They Know How to Behave Around Animals

Children can easily get too enthusiastic when they see animals. They may charge, hands-first, at their friends’ pets, frightening the poor animals in the process. At some point, however, many children realize that animals do not act like people and must be respected. They’re not going to rush over to the next dog they see; instead, they’ll extend their hand for the dog to take a sniff. They are not going to chase their best friend’s cat around the room in an attempt to smother it with love. They’ll stand back and wait for the cat to come up and say hi.

These are positive indications that your child has listened to people who have advised them on how to act responsibly with animals. Or they’ve been researching it on the internet. As mentioned above. In any case, this is a really promising indication they are ready for pet ownership.

They Think About the Whole Family

If your child asks you what type of pet you want rather than telling you what they want, this could be a very encouraging indication. Empathetic children will consider what kind of pet is ideal for the whole family rather than what they desire themselves. Not only is this good in general, but of course, empathy is a crucial trait to possess while caring for a pet. It means they will think about the pet itself and do what is needed rather than act selfishly.

They are Full of Energy

Finally, pet-keeping requires a significant amount of energy. Your child must be willing to wake up early in the morning to walk the dog or feed the cat or ensure the hamster is played with. Kids who are full of energy live active lives and are more suited to pet ownership than those who need to be dragged away from their screens to do anything.

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