4 sites to visit if you want a free psychic reading online

There are so many free psychic readings on the internet nowadays that it would be difficult to list them all. But, If you want an accurate reading from someone who knows what they’re doing then I suggest contacting one of these psychics or tarot readers through your favorite astrology site- even though every website may not provide this service for nothing.

If you’re looking for a psychic reading, it can be hard to find someone who will give your true intentions. Not only that but many psychics are scammers with their own agenda in mind- which is why we wrote this guide. Whether they need advice on family matters or love life decisions. If the Universe has something special planned out for them then our readers want an authentic reader too. We’ll help walk through vetting process so there isn’t any confusion along the way. Let’s get started the news.

How to get a free psychic reading online

There are a number of different types of psychic readings that you can get for free. Some websites offer you general question and answers, while other sites give their new users time credit towards a specific type such as tarot cards or crystal healing sessions. With an energy reader so they have more opportunity to explore what’s available on these- website before investing in one service at full price point. We know that there are many websites on the internet today. We also want you, our readers and users of this article to get as much information about your options before making a decision for what website will best suit you needs, which is why we’ve included some sites with stellar user reviews.


You can get your psychic reading on the go with Kasamba. The site has over 6 million users and is trusted by many in love, business or just looking for some leisure time guidance. Users create profiles to advertise their services, pricing options are featured along with an opportunity to rate them – so you know who’s worth calling up next (or not). 24/7 chat sessions start off at $2.50 per minute but offer new clients three free minutes when signing up today only.

2) PathForward Psychics

PathForward Psychics provides a mix of services at the hyper-affordable rate of $1 per minute. The site takes an woke approach with its beliefs being transparent, which makes it unique in comparison to other similar sites we have seen before.

The site is so friendly to newbies that they offer a discounted rate for the first three minutes. It’s only $1 per minute afterwards, but it will be worth your while if you’re just getting started with psychics or have never been able experience their services before.

3) Whispy

There are many different themes available at Whispy.com, including tarot readings and energy healing to name a few. The site offers free psychic readings for new clients as well so if you’re on the fence about paying $25 then don’t worry because it will be given back through donations that help support Kiva’s work in spreading literacy around the world.

4) The Circle

The Circle offers a variety of online readings, including tarot cards and clairvoyance. It also has mediums for those looking to talk with the dead or angels.

The Circle is so confident you’ll love your experience that it deeply cuts prices for new clients by over 80%. For just $0.59 per minute, users can get 10 minutes of readings on. The Circle’s mobile app or website with unlimited access to our live chat service – without any commitments whatsoever.


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