4 Things That Make a Back-to-Wall Freestanding Bath Relevant Today

Many homeowners prefer to have a bathtub in their bathrooms, be it a soaking tub or a shower and tub combination. This is because bathtubs bring an air of luxurious relaxation, no matter the type. And that’s something that most people need today.

The only problem with wanting a tub is that there are many types to choose from. They come in different sizes, styles and varieties based on their make.

But if you could choose one tub that’s relevant today, it should be the back to wall bath. And what makes it superior to other baths in this day and age?

It is a space-saving tub.

One of the best features of a back to wall tub is its space-saving property.

You can imagine how it should be placed against the wall from its name alone, thereby maximising the space available. It is the best option for a shower and tub combo. And, since it is compact and versatile, it is highly recommended for small bathrooms.

It is customisable

Back to wall bathtubs can easily fit into any theme you have in mind. Unlike clawfoot tubs, which significantly represent the Victorian era style, the back to wall tub is like a blank slate that you can style according to your preference. You can play with it and turn it into a modern bathroom essential or add elegant pieces for a more luxurious bathing space.

It offers excellent storage opportunities.

Because back to wall tubs are adjoined to the wall, you get an excellent opportunity for storage solutions. For example, you can add shelves for all your bathing needs on the adjacent wall, giving you easy access to your bathing needs. And you can add other storage systems to the free space that a back to wall tub provides.

It is suitable for families with children.

If you have small kids, the back to wall tub is an excellent option for the bathroom. It makes bathing children more manageable, especially with the storage opportunity you get. Plus, it is easier to clean – something that you need to consider when you have little kids around. You don’t have to clean around the tub but only wipe down the sides and inside.

More importantly, it is a safer option compared to other bath types. You wouldn’t want your kids climbing up the other side and slipping on the wet floor – something they can do in a freestanding tub in the middle of the room. With the back to wall tub, an enclosed space is created where you can easily keep your children secure.

Different bathtubs come with specific pros and cons. And while the back to wall bath may be suitable for your bathroom, it might not be the best for others, especially where space is an issue. Thus, it is essential to know the specifics of each bath type and the benefits that come with them.

So, when you have decided to go with the back to wall tub and gain the advantages, it offers, finding the best place to get it is the next step you should take. You need to find a trusted company specialising in bathroom accessories and boasting countless positive feedback.

With the top company, you will be guaranteed high-quality tubs that will make your dream bathroom a reality.


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