4 Unique Types of Wood You Can Use for a Casket

Are you considering using a casket for a funeral that you are planning? If you have been tasked with the heavy job of preparing and styling a funeral for a loved one, whether it be a friend, parent, or family member, this can be a very tiring, stressful, and painful process. One thing that will make the entire process easier – and respect your loved one’s wishes during the funeral – is choosing the right type of casket or coffin for the viewing.

Make sure you choose a coffin that has the right kind of material that you are looking for. Do you want a coffin that is shaped to the person’s body? Would you rather have one that is square shaped? The same goes for caskets – what type of casket wood do you want to use, what is the shape that you want to sleep in, and what colors do you want to choose for the coffin?

Customizing your casket is the best way that you can honor your loved one’s memory and create a long-lasting and memorable funeral that your entire family will expect.

  • Wooden caskets – The first and most common type of casket that you can use for your loved one’s funeral is wood caskets. Wood is the most common material because it has been used for years in the style of a woven casket. A woven casket is typically made out of wicker with other fibers to add tensile strength and durability. You can also choose a wooden casket that is stoned with embellishments, designs, or other colors. Along with the traditional look of a wooden casket, you can also choose a wooden casket that is lined with satin, colorful, or contains extra features that make it more unique.
  • Metal – The next type of material that you can use with a casket for a funeral is metal. Metal typically comes in various materials that you can choose from, whether it be steel or bronze. Bronze and copper are some of the two most common types of metal caskets due to their durability and long-lasting nature. If you want to choose a casket type that is environmentally friendly, we recommend looking at metal caskets.
  • Sealing – The third type of casket that you can look at for your loved one’s funeral is sealing. Sealing can change the look of the casket by adding a lid and rubber to the outer shell of the casket holding.
  • Specialty wood – Along with the typical wood casket that you would find for a loved one’s funeral, you can also get specialty wood caskets that are slightly more expensive and luxurious than the typical wood options. These luxury wood options include cherry, walnut, and mahogany.


Debagin what type of material to use for a casket for your loved one’s funeral? You can choose between wood, luxury wood materials, metal stainless steel, copper, bronze, and much more! Choosing the type of material that works with your preference and loved one’s style is key to respecting their wish and planning a beautiful funeral.

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