4 Ways to Secure Your Items During Transportation

Transporting anything you love and care about can be stressful because you may worry that your items will break during your move. This is a natural feeling to have but if you pack your items correctly then you can rest easy because your items will be safe. But, how do you know what the right steps are? 

In today’s article, we’ll be going through four ways to secure your items during transportation that will guarantee a safe trip. The options include webbing straps, packing your items correctly, and more. 

These steps will be vital in making sure your items are safe no matter how long your journey is. Continue reading in order to save yourself the heartbreak of discovering broken sentimental items after a move.

1. Use Sturdy Boxes

You’ve taken the time to find boxes for your moving task, but you’ve chosen broken boxes. How will this ensure that your items remain safe during their transit? There is an option of getting used boxes for free but it’s important to choose containers that are sturdy. The boxes you choose to use will make or break your moving experience.

If you choose boxes that are already falling apart and think you can fix them in order to reuse them, you could be doing yourself an injustice. The problem with broken boxes is that they are more likely to break even more during the transportation process. This will result in your items breaking too. 

Rather make sure you’re choosing boxes that are strong and ones that aren’t torn. If you don’t want to risk items breaking during your move, then buying new boxes would be a good idea. If you use new boxes, you will then be able to flatten them and use them again knowing that they’re still in good condition. 

2. Package Your Items Correctly

There are a few different ways to go about packing your beloved items but you need to make sure that you pack it correctly depending on what the item is. For example, if you’re packing something fragile make sure you fill it with polystyrene pebbles as well as covering it with bubble wrap. 

That being said, make sure you pack a box correctly. This means:

  • Don’t put heavy objects with fragile items
  • Don’t over pack a box
  • Use separators inside the box so items don’t knock against each other

If you’re extremely worried about transporting the item in question, you could go the extra mile and place it in the centre of a pillow. You can fold the pillow over and secure it with tape, and then proceed to wrap it with bubble wrap.

3. Secure With Resistant Straps

Once you’ve packed your items correctly into boxes, the next step would be to pack the boxes and other items securely into your car or in your truck bed. This would require resistant straps such as webbing straps as they will keep your items safe even if your load moves during transport. Webbing straps are made out of elasticised fabric

Securing your boxes in place with resistant straps will prevent your boxes from moving around too much which could cause your items to break during transit. You may think it’s not necessary during small trips but you’ll be thankful when you arrive with everything in one piece. 

Fragile items can break in an instant and if your boxes are left to move around your car or truck bed that could give them a higher chance of breaking. 

4. Have Insurance Just In Case

Sometimes, no matter what you do, something can go wrong which then results in you losing the items you were trying so hard to protect. Although that sentimental value can’t be replaced, having insurance on expensive items at least guarantees you’ll get the Monterey value of the item. 

This is a step that should be taken on any expensive item you have, even if you’re not transporting it. It would be irresponsible not to do this as accidents and robberies can happen and you wouldn’t want to risk it. Rather be safe than sorry by getting your items insured. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no replacing the sentimental value of items that you own which is why securing your items during transportation is so important. Securing your items during a move is the only way you’ll be able to hand down those family heirlooms you want to give your children one day. Rather do everything you can to protect your items instead of risking it. 

After reading this article, you should feel confident that your items will be safe during your move. You could hire a company to help you move your items but doing it yourself will give you more peace of mind. Of course, accidents can happen but taking all necessary steps will reduce the risk of having broken items.


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