5 benefits of automotive LED lights

There is a lot of difference between conventional and LED lamps. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, and there are more than 2 different types of light-emitting diodes. The best sort of LED lamps is the one that can emit more than 80% of its power in that specific wavelength, unlike conventional lamps that just use thermal energy to create visible light that causes damage to human beings. LED lights can be used in car lighting, more precisely, on their internal parts, such as the air vents and the dials of temperature selection. Here you can find some of the most important benefits of automotive LED lights:

1. 10000 hours

The lifespan of a halogen headlight is about 1,000 hours, and on the other hand, that of a typical LED headlight is 5,000-10,000 hours. And that’s so because the MITSUBISHI EVO 9 – LED PACKAGE from iilumo has been designed to last longer. In addition to increasing its service life, this allows users to use the lighting tools not only for camping but also as a part of other outdoor activities such as cycling or hiking.

2. Colling system

After one year of testing, we’ve developed a true aftermarket cooling system for your LED. Headlights. After turning on your high beam, previous versions were really only a way to vent off the excess heat from your headlight assembly. This is kind of an “Exclusive” system because no one else has EVER put in the degree of time and effort we have in bringing you a “true” aftermarket system…

3. Breeze installation

LED headlights are becoming more and more popular. People want to save money and energy. Even better, LED headlights are by far easier to install than the traditional halogen versions. It makes them a great option for everyone, even those that aren’t super mechanically inclined. Regardless if you’re installing them into your car or truck, there are some common steps involved in the process. I was lucky when I bought my first car, and it came with LED headlights. I didn’t even know what it was, but I knew I needed them. And when the time came to upgrade my lights, LED’s were always in mind.

4. Waterproof

LED headlights are water-resistant. According to the IES TM-30-15 standard for testing corresponding to IP68, LED headlights are dust-tight and waterproof. The rubber cover may cover the headlight lens, but the sealing is not perfect, and we need to check whether it can really prevent water from filtering into the lamp along the contact surface of the rubber and aluminum.

5. Exceptional performance

The first generation of car LED bulbs only accepted low voltage input. Those low-voltage LEDs are not able to replace car headlights because halogen bulbs are normally hotter by design. Their heat dissipates throughout the headlight housing resulting in noticeable heat build-up. If LEDs are installed, the most desirable area is the epoxy glue holding them in place, which melts, loosens their bond to the reflector, and causes premature failure. But, finally, after three years of development, there are high voltage LEDs capable of forwarding lighting applications.


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