5 Best Desserts To Serve At Your Next Dinner Party


If you are thinking of throwing a dinner party this weekend and making a memorable one, just try adding the best dessert to your menu. Dessert has been considered the right way to end any party. Without dessert, you will; feel like you are missing something.

When we are talking about desserts, there are just too many to choose from. Depending on what you like, you can go with cheesecakes, port jellies, cup cases, parfait, and just about anything sweet.

However, preparing for these cakes might not be an easy feat. As you prepare for the weekend dinner party, you will hardly have any to spare to make your favorite desserts for the guest. This is where online cake shops Abu Dhabi comes into the frame.

The online cake shops in Abu Dhabi are some of the best in the world. They know what their audiences need and cater to them the exact thing.

Show-Stopping Dessert For Your Next Dinner Party

When it comes to leaving a long-lasting effect, it is better to save the best for the rest. The same thing can be said for your dinner party. When you are a host and want to WOW your guest, you want something great reserved for the last so that the party can end on a high note.

For the dinner party, the WOW thing is your dessert, the last thing to eat at the party. If that can be something the best thing you offer, people will talk about your party even after leaving your house.

1. Chocolate Layer Cake

Just ask anyone what is your favorite flavor, seven out of ten people will answer Chocolate. That’s how popular chocolate is. People love chocolate in their case, ice cream, and dessert.

That being said, having chocolate in your dessert menu will complete your menu. So no matter what you’re preparing for the dinner party, you must consider adding a chocolate menu.

2. Lemon-Poppyseed Bundt Cake

Making dessert in a Bundt pan immediately makes it impressive. The impact is even more if the end result comes out cleanly. It is one of the dessert recipes that can go with events.

Adding Lemon-Poppyseed cake to your dinner party will ensure that you have something WOW to offer your guest.

3. Classic Carrot Cake

Why not add something healthy to the table. When we think about healthy desserts, many options come to mind. But one option feels more nostalgic than the other. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about carrots.

You can add classic carrot cake to your menu. Carrots have a different flavor than the other dessert, making them taste out of the box. We can bet your guest will gobble it all.

4. Mini Apple Rose Pie

Apple a day keeps doctors away. We all have heard about this phase, but what if we add the same apple to make one of the best desserts. That is something to look for. For ages, apples have been the main ingredient of European recipes, whether we are talking about apple pies, apple pudding, or apple rosette.

The recipe we are talking about here is about making mini apple pies. The key to making this pie crunchy and delicious is to slice your apple as thin as possible.

5. Strawberry Icebox Cake

Who doesn’t like strawberries, especially when they are being used in making dessert? Strawberries are the staple of making cakes and desserts. Strawberries have been used in making cakes and desserts for centuries.

Here, the recipe we are talking about uses simple ingredients to make one of the eBay desserts for your dinner party. You just need strawberries, whipped cream, graham crackers, and some chocolate. Use the ingredients in layers and see the magic.


Dessert can revitalize your taste buds after having all the different types of cuisine at the dinner party. This is why you must have only the best dessert to serve. This article has talked about some of the best desserts you can serve to your guests.

Do let us know which one was your favorite.


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