5 Best Entertaining Dart Board Games You Can Easily Learn to Play

Darts are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Custom Dartboard games are a fun way to learn the basics of how darts work before you get into more complicated games. They can be found in bars, at home, and even in schools. 

One great way to enjoy your dartboard is by playing some entertaining games with friends or family members. If you’re looking for new dartboard games, then In this blog post, we will go over 5 dartboard games that are easy to learn for beginners!

501 Darts

501 Dart is the most popular game. In this, Each team or player starts with a fixed score of 501 points. The darts they throw determine how main points are removed from that score, giving beginners an easy way to get into playing potentially anywhere without having any idea what just happened! There are many different types from which these scores can come from, including doubles – making this challenging for both beginners as well as for experts too. 

Baseball Darts 

Baseball darts is all about those numbers that are not usually the desired target in most games. For beginners, it helps them learn where these numbers are on the board. When playing baseball darts, you can focus on the numbers 1 to 9. These are numbers that usually go unnoticed in most games. For beginners, it is helpful as they learn where these targets exist on a board while still being rewarded with extra points if their throw hits into either doubles or triples, depending upon what strategy you utilize when setting up play at home. It’s an easy game but make sure everything has been set beforehand so even newbies don’t have any disadvantages against experienced players!

Hare And Hounds Darts

In this game, each player starts near the top with an assigned number. They then take turns throwing at their target, and if one throws higher than another, it’s possible to move up or down accordingly. The hare is always in front while the hound stays behind them as they are responsible for keeping up with who was first out on this round respectively so that nobody gets left too far back when all others remain ahead by just one space regardless!

This is another one of those games that can help you learn where everything on the board is because it uses every spot except for bullseye and no score needs to be kept. It’s like around-the-clock with a cat & mouse chase, which adds an interesting element of suspense as players try their luck at catching their prey before time runs out! This makes this game fun when played by more than 2 people.

Around The Clock 

The game of Around the Clock or “Around World” is a strategy that involves throwing at one number and moving on to two after hitting it, then three more numbers until you reach twenty. This is an awesome game for beginners because it uses every space on the board. It also benefits from not having to keep score, which means you just have remembered what number your last throw was in each round!

Ice Breaker:

This is a team-building game that pits two teams against one another. The winner of Ice breaker will be the team who reaches 150 points first, typically with rules limiting which numbers can count towards your score (for example, 1 through 10 or 12). It’s more challenging because doubles and triples are also included in this total amount!


We all are often looking for a fun way to spend time with friends or family, and dartboard games are the perfect solution. Playing darts is an easy game that can be played by all ages – even kids! The 5 best magnetic dart board games which we have listed above are the best ones, and you can easily learn to play.