5 Brilliant Ways to Find the Best Metals for Custom Jewellery Making

Custom jewellery making has become a trend nowadays. Handmade jewellery pieces have become one of the hottest fashion commodities in runways and everyday fashion. And, since most people are looking for these custom pieces, the public’s interest turns to the materials used in creating these pieces. Meanwhile, fabricated metals are some of the most popular elements used in jewellery making today.

There are plenty of manufactured metals used for making jewellery pieces in the market. However, it makes choosing the right one for your craft a little complicated. So, here are several tips to help you choose the best metal pieces to create the best custom jewellery:

Tip #1: Consider the Cost

Metal prices fluctuate regularly, and there are times when the prices go up and down throughout the day because of the supply and demand. Although, most of the time, the price of the metal is dictated by its rarity. And it tends to cost a lot, especially if you plan to invest in pure precious metals. On the other hand, fabricated metals are more reasonably priced and affordable than pure varieties.

Tip #2: Check the Quality 

All the metals are prone to dents and scratches. And naturally, it can affect the quality of the jewellery. But some metals are more durable, like gold or platinum, while others can resist scratches.

So, if you choose to work with precious metals to create pieces of jewellery, you need to know the differences between their strength and hardness. The metal’s strength can be determined using the Vickers Hardness Testing. Meanwhile, the strength and durability of the metal can be measured by weight in square inches.

Tip #3: Look for Hypoallergenic Metals 

Since people wear their jewellery pieces for a long time, you need to ensure that the custom piece that you create is hypoallergenic. Some of the options include pure metals like palladium and platinum, as wearing these pieces pose fewer threats and cause less irritation.

Meanwhile, other metals like bronze or nickel can irritate the wearer. So, if you want to use these metals because of their durable characteristics, you can add them to other precious metals in the market, like silver or gold.

Tip #4: Consider the Metals’ Tarnish and Restoration

There are several metals used in jewellery making that can be restored faster than the others. For example, brass and copper jewellery look great when new, but it can be challenging to maintain without regular polishing. On the other hand, pure metals like gold and platinum can last for years with minimal maintenance.

So, if your custom jewellery becomes tarnished or needs restoration, you must let the experts take care of it immediately. These professionals know what to do with all jewellery pieces using the right tools.

Tip #5: Check Out the Weight 

Another major factor in choosing the best metal for jewellery is the weight of the material. For example, heavy metals can be challenging to wear because they may cause discomfort to the wearer. But some people choose the densest and heaviest metals available as they would want to invest in their value, so they choose precious metals like platinum and gold.

Meanwhile, creating custom jewellery pieces using fabricated precious metals can be the best option for this trend. However, if you want to invest in these materials, you need to look for the most reliable sources to ensure that the metals that you will get have the highest quality in the market.


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