5 Business Networking opportunities you must try today

You might think that investing money is the most important thing to be taken care of when it comes to developing businesses. Well, it is one of the steps but not the one and only step. There are other investments to be taken care of too. One of the main investments that you have to make is the investment of your time and effort in networking your business.

Yes. It is nothing less important than the other factors that help to flourish businesses. This article deals with the top five networking opportunities you can actually use to see phenomenal progress in your company’s expansion.

What exactly is Networking?

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth”  ~ Armstrong Williams.

Networking is the process through which businessmen develop and maintain relationships with other entrepreneurs, customers, potential clients, etc to expand their businesses. This is one of the cost-efficient methods that you can do to develop your business. This is a vital step and so should not be neglected at all especially for small businesses. Below given are some of the opportunities that you can utilize to expand your business.

5 Business Opportunities you can use to expand your business: 

  • Breakfast/Brunch networking event
  • Speed Networking
  • Online Networking
  • Job Fairs
  • Trade shows

1. Breakfast/Brunch Networking event:

It’s a common opinion among successful business tycoons that morning/mid-morning meetings are the most productive ones. That is because morning is the time when all attendees are alert and giddiness-free.

A breakfast networking event, also known as breakfast briefing, is a face to face event where all the attendees can have a healthy and professional interaction among themselves, thus expanding the network of the company. It can either be full of networking or about seminars and other events. 

Here, the attendees can establish sustainable networks along with tea, breakfast, and other efficient delicacies. Breakfast networking is really fruitful as the businessmen are fresh in the morning and not yet busy, which they usually get towards the end of the day.

2. Speed networking:

Speed networking, also known as Speed business meetings, is an event in which business professionals can exchange their contact information and business ideas and trends, within a given span of time (usually not more than 2 minutes). Speed networking is proven as one of the time-efficient networking events through which the participants can accelerate their network.

3. Online Networking:

In this current situation of a biological apocalypse, it is always safer and wiser to choose the online mode of networking. Online networking is an unconventional method of establishing networks online. It is a pocket friendly networking opportunity and also has a wide spectrum of choices.

Different types of online networking strategies you can use to network:

  • Online forums
  • Blogging
  • Microblogging
  • Social media networking
  • Bookmarking

What is the difference between blogging and microblogging?

Blogging refers to journaling the thoughts and ideas of the blogger and has a personal touch in it whereas, microblogging refers to creating snippets or brief information about certain topics that can be shared in microblogging platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc and has character limits.

4. Job Fairs: 

Job fairs, also known as career fairs, are events through which you can have a healthy interaction with huge representatives to get direct access to their professional information. Job fairs can also be held to establish networks with newbies and aspiring workers and can develop sustainable relationships with them. Mind you, this networking technique is totally different from the usual campus interviews held.

5. Trade shows: 

Trade shows or trade fairs are more like exhibitions where the members of a particular industry can represent their products, services, and new business ideas and trends to other attendees. People who are impressed can stop by their booth to get further elaboration and establish the network. It helps to create brand recognition and brand awareness on a large scale.

How to facilitate networking?

  • Have an ice breaking conversation, beforehand.
  • Using digital business cards instead of paper prototypes.
  • Targeting relatable clients and customers.
  • Using urban slang and terms.
  • Maintaining the existing networks. 


Networking may sound difficult to establish but is definitely not. Always remember that

“Your Network is Your Networth ”. Anything is possible if planned and executed accordingly. Hope this article helped you in knowing the opportunities available in networking. Do let us know if you have any suggestions regarding it. 


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