5 Common myths associated with masters’ degrees

Most young students opt for pursuing a master’s degree to specialise in a particular field or switch professional domains. These academic programmes are also preferred by working professionals to advance their knowledge in the work domains and progress further in their career.

Going for a master’s degree in Singapore can also provide other benefits. You can network with your peers and professors to build useful professional contacts and relive the student life for a few more years.

However, it would be unfortunate if you miss out on this enriching experience only because of certain myths or negative rumours associated with master’s programmes. Read ahead to read five myths that have been debunked for you.

  • You should opt for a master’s programme directly after your bachelor’s degree

Some young students opt to pursue a postgraduate degree immediately after completing their undergraduate studies to avoid a break in their academics. However, it is untrue that you can’t choose to acquire some professional expertise before going back to school to get your master’s degree.

In fact, these days, many international universities prefer their students to have some preliminary work experience before joining their postgraduate degree. This professional expertise allows them to be somewhat familiar with the concepts and theories to be taught in their programme.

Thus, a master’s degree can be the perfect pathway to gain specialised knowledge whether you are a fresh undergraduate or a working professional.

  • A master’s degree doesn’t make sense after a certain age

While most graduates choose to enrol in a postgraduate programme in their twenties, it is not absolutely necessary. In fact, many post-graduate programmes require some level of professional experience, attracting older applicants.

Many carry the wrong belief that academics are best attempted in a younger age. This trend has many successful exceptions to warrant that completing a master’s degree requires hard work and has nothing to do with your age.

  • You must pursue a master’s degree in the same country that you intend to build your career

Many would argue that you should pursue a postgraduate degree in a country where you intend to build and sustain your career. This way, the degree will help you get exposed to the specific industry trends in that country.

Nothing could be more far from truth than this myth. In fact, many employers prefer candidates with a foreign postgraduate degree because they recognise other benefits associated with an international education. These advantages include exposure to global diversity and excellent education standards.

Other prominent myths around master’s degrees include the theory that pursuing your master’s abroad can put you through unnecessary financial risk and hardships. Other myths might tell you that a master’s degree should be opted in the same field as your undergraduate degree or such a degree would be financial suicide.

Pursuing a worthy master’s programme from a developed country like Singapore can enrich your life both personally and professionally as well as boost your future career prospects. Look for suitable master’s programmes in your domain offered by reputed universities today to get started on your dream of higher studies in a foreign country.


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