5 Common Solar Panel Problems (and How to Fix Them!)

There’s no question that solar panels offer an array of appealing benefits. After all, they provide a source of renewable and eco-friendly energy.

While this is true, some people are concerned with the potential downsides of solar panels.

One of the biggest concerns and roadblocks for many people is the solar panel problems that can occur. While problems do happen, getting to know the most common ones and fixing them can alleviate some of this concern.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Loose Wiring

Solar panels are designed to be efficient and provide tax breaks, which you can learn more about in this article. However, if there is loose wiring, issues can occur.

Remember, the solar panel you have installed has a unique network that includes wiring to link the PV cells to one another, to inverters, and to home solar batteries. This means there are several areas where wiring can become loose and fail.

Correcting wiring faults requires help from professionals. These individuals have electrical expertise and can use meters along with other specialized tools to find the issue.

They can also disconnect any malfunctioning or faulty parts and keep them from causing damage to other system parts.

If you hired a professional installer for solar panel installation, they probably installed monitoring. This allows you and them to see the efficiency and performance of your system.

When monitoring is in place, troubleshooting issues are simplified.

2. Inverter Issues

Half of all inverter issues are caused by the solar panel system having a cable or panel that’s faulty. When this happens, the inverter will detect the problem.

If there is an error message showing on the inverter, a good first step is to check your owner’s manual to see what it means. You can also search online to find this information.

Make sure the solar PV breaker present in the consumer unit is in the up or on position. Turn it back on if it is turned off (which can occur if the power goes out).

When the switch moves to the off position again, it is best to call the professionals.

If the inverter is not in use, you can’t use the electricity your solar panels generate. This means you don’t benefit from free electricity. While this may not be a safety issue, it is one you want to have addressed right away.

3. Low-Efficiency Rating

Efficiency ratings of solar PV systems may seem low at first. Most residential systems only reach efficiency levels of 10% to 20%.

While this is true, a four-kilowatt system can produce enough energy to reduce electric costs and your carbon footprint. In fact, most months, you will likely generate more electricity than you use, which can be stored for use at night if you have a solar battery installed.

To ensure maximum efficiency levels from the solar panels, make sure the position is right, and the material meets your needs.

The professional installer you hire can assess and ensure the right position is used.

4. Micro-Cracks

The presence of micro-cracks is more common than some people realize. Unfortunately, when they occur, they can impact the overall effectiveness of your system.

These are very small cracks on the panels that are difficult to notice at first. However, the cracks may become larger as time passes, and the panels are exposed to different weather conditions.

Usually, cracks result because of seasonal and thermal conditions or PV module production. They may also occur due to improper or rough handling when they are shipped.

Unfortunately, there is no way to repair micro-cracks, and if they occur, you will have to replace the affected panels. That’s why it is so important to find a professional and reputable service for installation.

5. Overheating

A simple way to determine if your panels are dealing with temperature issues is by checking for signs of heat fade. This happens when temperatures exceed the upper 90s. When this happens, your panels don’t perform as efficiently as they can.

It’s important to note that this is a common issue. Also, it does not always indicate faulty panels.

If the problem is heat fade, you will likely notice that you aren’t receiving as much power during the hottest portions of the day.

In many cases, rather than the system becoming too warm, these high temperatures may only affect certain parts of the panels. If this happens, these components can begin to wear down faster than others.

You will also learn that some panel manufacturers have products that stand up to high heat better than others. If you live in an area with extremely high temperatures in the summer, it may be worth looking into these options.

While they may cost a bit more, it is usually worth the investment.

Getting to Know More About Common Solar Panel Problems

As you can see, several solar panel problems may occur. When you know what these are and how to handle them, you can reduce issues and keep your solar system working as efficiently as possible.

You can fix the issue yourself in some cases, but many solar panel problems require professional input and evaluation. Keep this in mind to know what steps to take if a problem occurs.

Do you want more helpful information like what you read above? If so, be sure to check out some of the other blogs published on our website. Here you can find an array of topics that will help you stay informed.


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