5 Coolest Neighborhoods in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city of extreme contrasts; on one side, you’ll find the world’s most expensive home and on the other world’s biggest slum. But this contradiction is what makes Mumbai what it is – an interesting place to live in. Moreover, the Mayanagri is also a melting pot of cultures where you’ll find people belonging to different ethnicities, cultures & religions living together in perfect harmony.

Because of this reason, most Indians desire to settle down here, which has led to a dramatic increase in property prices. So even if you are looking for a 2 BHK flat for sale in Mumbai, be prepared to spend a fortune for it. 

Having said this, today we’re going to show you the funky and artsy side of Mumbai. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city of seven islands.


Originally Colaba was one of the seven islands that constituted Mumbai. It was separated from the mainland by swamps. However, in 1838, the British constructed the Colaba Causeway that connected it to the main city. It is, basically, the unofficial tourist hub of Mumbai because of the two biggest tourist attractions, i.e., the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel. 

Additionally, you can also visit India’s oldest and largest fish market at Sassoon Dock. This neighbourhood has an old-world appeal to it. It will take you back to the colonial era with its architecture and Art Deco. But this isn’t all that makes Colaba one of the coolest neighbourhoods, this area is jam-packed with many hipster cafés and even the world-renowned Leopold Café & Café Mondegar are located here.     

Matharpacady Village

Sequestered in the lanes of Mazgaon, Matharpacady village is a hidden heritage of Mumbai that very few people know about. This area has been the home to the city’s Catholic East Indian Community for more than 200 years. 

Mazagaon was also one of the seven islands that formed Mumbai. After the opening of Mazagaon Docks in the late 17th century, it quickly transformed into a trendy cosmopolitan. However, the factor that makes Matharpacady village cool is its originality that the residents have beautifully preserved over time. When you visit this place, you feel like visiting a real-life museum with Indo Portuguese-styled mansions perfectly preserved in their true essence amid the sea of skyscrapers. 

However, if you want to see the village in its full bloom, visit it during the Christmas season. It’s the season when everything is lit and alive.  

Kala Ghoda

Kala Ghoda is the art district of the city. It’s undoubtedly one of the most happening places in the Fort area. This vibrant neighbourhood is an art lover’s paradise; from Jehangir Art Gallery to the National Museum of Modern Arts, you’ll find everything here. Additionally, many street artists also live here. So, taking a stroll in the streets is like walking through an art gallery. You can find really magnificent art pieces at a nominal price here. 

However, once you’re in the area, don’t forget to visit the bustling Kala Ghoda Café to taste some artsy food.


Another hidden gem that you can find near Girgaum Chowpatty in South Mumbai is the historic village of Khotachiwadi. Dating back to the 18th century, this area is full of Indo Portuguese heritage homes.

Even though most residents have left this amazing place, some are still attached to their roots. You can truly appreciate the laidback lifestyle of Khotachiwadi by staying in James Ferreira’s Bed n Breakfast that he has established in a portion of his house. And if he’s free, you can enjoy his company too. Another awesome resident of Khotachiwadi is the guitarist Wilfred Willy Back Felizardo who’s house no 57 is prominent because of its peculiar appearance and mosaics.


If you want to enjoy a getaway from Mumbai without leaving it, Versova is your go-to place. This beachy and breezy neighbourhood in the city is perfect for making you relax. It has a distinct relaxing and laidback appeal that makes you forget all your worries and calms your senses. 

Apart from its fantastic ambience, the area is also full of amazing hangout locations. 

There are a plethora of cool cafes and eateries here that you need to try here. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful area to buy residential property for sale in Mumbai, you know where to look.

Well, this is all about some of the coolest neighbourhoods that you can find in the city of dreams. For more information about the amazing mayanagri, keep following our blog.


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