5 Essential Tools for Growing SMBs

Even as the pandemic closed many businesses worldwide, a new study by Adobe Acrobat reports a significant increase in digital entrepreneurship and new online businesses since the start of 2020. As digital entrepreneurs are finding opportunities for quick success within the online marketplace of the pandemic, access to digital business tools has never been greater. If you’re starting your own business from home, here are some essential digital tools to help you see success in 2022.

Document Management System

A document management system, or DMS, is your virtual filing cabinet for all your business and personal documents and files. Document management systems make it easy to create, share, edit, and collaborate on files across your company. Save templates to the cloud so you can save time creating new documents, and rest assured your files will be encrypted and stored reliably. Some DMS systems also offer mobile app tools such as Adobe Sign for small business owners, which allows you to quickly sign, edit, and upload PDFs and other files from your smartphone. If you manage or work with a team of remote employees, a DMS is essential for collaborating efficiently.

Communication Tools

The most basic collaborative tool your SMB will need to be successful is a reliable set of communication tools. An efficient team needs the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. Emails, instant messaging platforms, video conferencing software, and comment and tagging features are all communication tools that make day-to-day remote business possible.

Automation Tools

Workflow automation can drastically improve the efficiency of your remote workforce. Automation tools take care of repetitive or infrequent tasks such as data entry, so your team has more time to focus on those tasks requiring their personal skillsets. Workflow automation tools can help your team stay on task and provide a system for accountability and easy project management. Greater transparency over your day-to-day processes can make a difference in your business’s success and provide stakeholders insight.

User-Friendly Website

The Adobe Acrobat digital entrepreneurship report cites, “In 2022, mobile e-commerce sales alone are estimated to reach beyond $432 billion. This is up from $148 billion in 2018.” In 2022, you need to have a reliable website compatible with mobile devices so you can access smartphone shoppers. This large market of consumers expects quick, convenient access to your online website and store when they search for it or come across your company on social media. If your mobile site isn’t efficient, you could be losing lots of business to mobile bounce. Optimize your website and mobile layout to ensure you don’t lose any visitors.

Analytical Tools

Finally, an essential business tool for any online business is analytical tools. Analytical tools such as Google Analytics can offer you insights into the performance of your website and how your users are interacting with it. Using a tool like this, you can also see how your site is ranking in search engines so you can revamp your digital marketing strategies to become more competitive. Keeping your site updated and functioning quickly and accurately is key to running an efficient online business. Invest in analytical tools today to keep your business performance up.

These are just a few of the essential tools to start a successful online business. It’s never been easier to start a business from home with these essential tools for all digital companies. 


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