5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Long-Distance Moving Companies

Moving is almost always a stressful experience, and that is especially true when you are trying to move long distances.

A moving company can handle a lot of the headaches for you. However, not all moving companies are the same.

In this guide, we will examine five factors to consider when searching for cheap movers near me so you can find affordable movers that will get the job done right.

1.  Affordability

Affordability isn’t simply about searching for “cheap movers near me” on your computer but about finding cheap movers that still provide high-quality service. It’s crucial you do thorough research on multiple moving companies, so you can find movers that provide essential services like shipment tracking, interstate moving, and white glove packing services without breaking the bank.

2.   Using a Middleman

The reality is that for many people, there isn’t enough time to research moving companies, especially considering how many there are. For these people, we recommend using a middleman service which acts as a broker between the client and the moving company. They connect the client with a moving company that best suits their needs. These brokers are experienced in connecting clients with a mover that suits their needs. Additionally, they will perform screens on any movers they recommend and protect your privacy.

3.   Moving Overseas

Moving overseas doesn’t have to be a source of stress if you do the research when searching for a cheap mover near me. If you are planning on moving overseas, choosing an international company that operates in multiple countries is crucial. Additionally, since you are trusting a company with your property for a long time and for a long distance on an overseas trip, it is essential you read customer reviews to make sure they provide a quality service.

4.   Moving Specialty Items

One of the biggest challenges people face when moving is figuring out how they will transport their specialty items, such as pianos, antiques, and other unique items that don’t typically get moved. This problem is only increased when moving long distances. So if you have specialty items of value, whether monetary or sentimental, it’s crucial you choose a cheap mover that has experience in handling specialty items. Additionally, you will want a company that offers climate-controlled storage facilities so you know your specialty items are in a controlled and safe environment.

5.   White Glove Packing Services

White glove items are objects that are fragile or have special care instructions. Often time customers select cheap movers that aren’t equipped to handle white glove items and consequently lose those items to damages. It is crucial when moving long distances that you select a moving company that can safely move your fragile items. We recommend reading customer reviews to see their experience with transporting white-glove items.


Choosing a long-distance moving company is an important decision, as you are trusting a stranger with your most valuable possessions. It’s crucial you do extensive research on the available long-distance movers in your area. Using the factors above in your criteria can help you find the best cheap mover near you.


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