5 Faucet Installation Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Are you having problems with faucet installation?

The faucet is an essential apparatus that directs water to the kitchen, bathroom, and washroom. However, installing can be a lot trickier than most people think.

Installing a faucet as a beginner can lead to problems like loose and poor pipe fittings. Although the new faucet might come with some directions on how to install it, it might not be enough.

To help you, here are 5 installation tips for a functional and leak-free faucet.

1. Know Your Old Faucet 

Before you install a new faucet, it’s best to know the current faucet. The old faucet will either mount into one opening and have a level handle, turning the water on or off. It can also mount to three holes for hot and cold water to go out.

You can easily replace one opening faucet. However, for a three-opening faucet, you’ll need to look for one that perfectly fits.

A loose three-opening faucet can make the hot and cold water weak and clog the aerator. It later creates faulty water supply lines and shutoffs.

2. Make a List of Materials

Before buying, it’s best to know the necessary materials to replace. To make things easier, make a list of every faucet installation tool. It will help save time from returning back and forth to the hardware store and fix the simple problem.

3. Measure All Needed Replacements

When installing a new faucet, keep a note of all the material measurements. Otherwise, you’ll likely get improper material sizes. It can later lead to problems, especially if you install an outdoor faucet.

A supply line where the threads don’t connect with the shutoff can later result in leaks.

You can determine the length of the supply line through the underside pipe’s measurements. If the material-bought measurements aren’t enough, get an extension.

4. Install the Faucet

Once you get all the needed materials, it’s time to install the faucet. Mount the faucet to the sink before dropping it completely.

However, if you’re inexperienced and fear making the supply line fail, opt to hire a plumber. The average faucet installation cost is between $120 and $335. It’s worth the value since you won’t have problems with leakages.

Search around for a plumbing company like Sabre Plumbing Services Inc. to install it.

5. Test the Shutoffs

After the faucet installation, make sure to test the shutoff. It keeps the water in check if the handle is on or off.

However, in some cases, an installed faucet shutoff doesn’t work. If it doesn’t stop the water flow, it’s best to get another one or turn your home’s water off to fix it.

Use These Tips for a Faucet Installation Today

We hope these tips help you with faucet installation. Don’t let a faulty water line cause water damage in your home. Install a new faucet today and enjoy the benefits.

Are you having other water line problems? Check our content today and see which one can help you.


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