Filing a long-term disability claim can be challenging and requires proactiveness and preparedness. The process can be complex and requires you to meet strict deadlines, or else your claim will be denied in the initial application. Furthermore, your insurance company is not on your side and is looking for ways to deny your claim regardless of your efforts. You should hire the best insurance adjusters that work to ensure you get 100% of your insurance claim easily.

The best way to navigate a long-term disability claim is by working closely with an experienced long-term disability claims lawyer. They can help you navigate the complex process and build up legal-based evidence to support your claim. Having a nationwide long-term disability claims lawyer on your side increases your chances of success in your claim. Here are five things to have in your mind when filing for a long-term disability claim.

Read through your policy.

Ensure you read your insurance policy to understand how your benefits are structured. The terms and conditions of your disability policy are unique to you and dictate how benefits may be awarded or denied. You can seek the help of a disability attorney to help you interpret the policy. Most importantly, understand how your policy defines disability.

Apply promptly

First and foremost, submit your claim promptly. Many disability claims require you to file for your benefits 60days after an injury diagnosis that impacts your ability to work. If you miss the deadline, your insurance company can deny the claim for the mere lack of timely notice.

Understand the relation between STD and LTD

You should check to see if your disability plan falls where short-term disability and long-term disability interact. Many long-term policies require you to exhaust all the short-term benefits to meet the waiting period before long-term benefits are paid. For example, a policy might have a 3-6months window for short-term disability to which you must submit your application. After the short-term coverage is exhausted, then you can apply for a long-term disability claim. If the short-term disability claim is denied, it prevents the success of a long-term disability claim.

Monitor your communication

Communication with your insurance company can occur through mail, phone calls, or any other means. You should keep track of your communication when discussing details of your long-term disability claim. Keep detailed notes of the phone log, the time you received the call, what the conversation was about, and so forth. Do the same for mails and any other form of communication they use to reach you. These records can help you communicate the details of the long-term disability claim to an attorney.

Collect all your medical records

Before filing a long-term disability claim, collect all your medical records along with it. In case of a behavioral health challenge, it is sensible to get historical documents on the condition. The reason is becasue your behavioral health challenge did not probably manifest the week before filing a long-term disability claim. Also, get the records of any medical attention you seek after filing the claim.

The takeaway

Please inform your doctor about your decision to file for a long-term disability claim so that they can exhibit your case in the best way possible upon being interviewed by your insurer.


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