5 Habits Shared by All Successful Full-Time Artists

There is not a single rule or a process to follow to make your business successful. A thing working for one person might not work for another. But there are some habits that are shared by all successful people. 

Professional artists follow some basic rules in their lives to grow and become more and more successful. 

If you wish to know what habits make people successful, here is your task made easier. Here are the, 5 habits shared by all successful full-time artists– 

  • They Follow 50-50 Rule

As much as it matters to spend time on creativity and designing, it all matters to brand your creativity. It will not sell if the right people looking to buy do not know about it. So, spending time on marketing is essential as well. 

Successful full-time artists spend at least 50%of their time on marketing. It is hard to grow a business, unless you spend time on marketing it. 

Make it sure that you spend your 50% of time on marketing your business. Connect with influencers on social media that might work with you in future. 

They Follow 50-50 Rule

To grow your business, you may need to do following tasks- 

  • Know your ideal customers and know how and where to find them to reach them effectively. 
  • Make your business presentable with an attractive logo design. The right logo will make you look trustworthy to your clients and audience bringing in more sales. 

If you cannot spend money on hiring a professional for logo designing, do it yourself. Plus, being a designer, designing your own logo will be more fun and easy. You can use an online logo creator and create an amazing logo for yourself.

  • Answer phone calls and emails.
  • Reach out to and connect with galleries, clients, shows, collaborations, etc.
  • Networking- it is very important to have a network with people doing the same work as you. It will help you gain knowledge, experience, more clients and customers. 
  • Design promotional products. 
  • Design and implement sales funnels. 
  • Apply for grants. 
  • Post regularly on social media. 
  • Apply for art fairs. 
  • Successful People Invest In Themselves

When performing a creative activity as a profession, all business depends on you. It all goes down to your creativity and how you manage stuff. It is necessary to keep learning and keep growing even if you are earning at that time. 

Artists who are successful do not hesitate to learn and try new techniques in their field or push their boundaries. 

So, do not restrict yourself to a self limiting box. Open up and try new techniques, have fun and see how it goes. Stay curious and keep growing yourself and your business along. 

Here is how successful artists invest in themselves- 

  • Hire a business coach
  • Join art class. 
  • Take holidays
  • Go to art retreats or workshops 
  • Pay for high quality mastermind group
  • Join gym
  • Prioritize their health
  • Regular replacement of art supplies 
  • Maintain Daily Contact With Art

Being a professional artist, it is necessary to make daily contact with art. If you earn through art, you cannot afford your creativity getting blocked. 

Doing art daily ensures that your all creative gears are turning. Show up at your studio or create some artistic work everyday to keep the flow. It could even be a small painting or a themed photograph.This especially helps at the time of slow seasons when demand is less.

You can also opt for a creative challenge. Such challenges are more effective as they attract all of your attention and motivate you to perform better. 

You can send emails about your latest work. Also, post on social media to stay connected with your followers and audience. 

Flash sales are great ways to sell your latest creative works. Send emails to your subscribers about your work and let them be the first ones to know. 

  • Raise Prices With Time

People who know their worth and are willing to create a successful business are not afraid to raise their prices. They usually compare their work with other artists of the same skill and price their work accordingly. Even if they are afraid to do so, artists do increase their prices. 

When artists start feeling too busy with their work, they take it as a sign to increase their prices to keep pace with demand for their work. 

Stay competitive and keep increasing your prices in accordance with the demand of your work. It will not be good if you charge more than what your work is actually capable of. People may not feel great doing business with you then and it is possible that you lose customers. 

So, it matters a lot to pay close attention to how much your work matters and is demanded. According to these factors, prices should be set. As demand grows, so will be the prices. 

  • They Are Accountable To a Group 

Those people who want to be successful and are dedicated towards success, build contact with groups in similar work fields. People from the same field provide support and accountability. You get to know about the insights on various new things and also on how to sustain in slow seasons. 

If you are joining a group, it should not be too far above or too far below your level. People like these do not benefit enough from such groups. 

It is great if you join a paid mastermind group with people in similar business. Such groups are more structured and valuable than unpaid groups. 

In mastermind groups, trained people keep the group on track, help them out through various processes, ask questions, guide through right directions and much more. You can benefit a lot from such groups. 

You can even join non profit organisations or art guild related to your work.