5 Home Facilities Needed By People With Disabilities

The movement of deinstitutionalization paved the way for impaired individuals to reside in more humane living conditions. This also resulted in the rise of homes and facilities built to accommodate special needs. Thanks to this trend, those with disabilities now have many housing categories and options to choose from.

Because the NDIS Townsville promises to fulfill their participants’ goals and needs, they have a wide range of support categories to assist individuals with disabilities. Home and living needs are some of the main concerns that need immediate attention but are also some of the most expensive.

Before you jump on a decision regarding your accommodations, it is best to know your exact needs concerning housing. To find out what those with disabilities may need in their home and how they can achieve these changes, read on.

Assisted Daily Living and Assisted Technology

Top memory care facilities aim to help persons with disabilities live their daily lives with ease and comfort, regardless of their disability. The regular task of maintaining personal hygiene, getting dressed, and eating right requires extra effort compared to that of someone able.

The NDIS covers services that may help one perform everyday tasks under their Assisted Daily Living support category. Their services include assistance and supervision in daily activities that allow them to live independently and fit any accommodation.

As for those who need special tools and equipment to perform regular activities, the Assisted Technology support category offers the necessary funding for said tools and equipment that helps participants operate around their own homes.

Home and Facility Modifications

On some occasions, specific disabilities require the modification of the affected individual’s living space. Although these changes may apply to the place’s structure and layout, they could also possibly include installing specific equipment permanently unto the home.

Additions and alterations involving building structures are a costly necessity for those with disabilities, which is why the NDIS has a support category that attends to this specific need.

Home Modifications under the NDIS funds the needed physical changes to one’s home to accommodate the person with disabilities better. Along with reconstruction, this category also covers support to help one live independently, such as personal care with day-to-day activities.

Special Disability Accommodation

Those with severe complications with a higher set of needs would be more difficult to cater to the support they need inside their house. However, there are well-equipped housing options and specifically designed to accommodate conditions that require higher needs. Unfortunately, because these facilities are highly specialized, they can be very costly.

Under the Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) category of the NDIS, specialized shared housing for specific needs can now be more accessible to participants. These accommodations ensure that their tenants are safe and given the proper support they need.

If you are already a member of the NDIS, you can contact your NDIS provider to discuss your housing options and how to incorporate your needed support into your current plan. For those who have yet to create and subscribe to an NDIS plan, be sure to know your housing needs and include them in your list of needs when you discuss them with your plan manager.


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