5 Ideas to Grow Your Home Improvement Business This 2022

There’s usually a homeowner out there looking to do some renovations or improvements around the house. That’s where your business comes into the picture. Your business provides safe, reliable, and cost-effective home improvements to help clients make the changes they want for their homes. However, there is one important question to ask yourself: how do you get your customers to know you’re there to offer your services.

Home improvement is a competitive field, and the object isn’t just to let your customers know you’re there to offer your services, but also to let them know before your competitors do. Having an online presence is one of the best ways to market your business, and connect with potential customers. With so many potential customers spending more of their time online, it behooves you to make yourself more visible online to ensure you get the right attention from search engines and prospects. Here’s a short list of things you can do to improve your visibility moving forward.

1. Build a user-friendly website

A good website is a must for any modern business, including a home improvement service. When customers look for essential services, they typically turn to Google, and if you want to be found on Google you’ll need a website. Your website is a hub for all your business online. It’s not enough to present what you’re offering to your customers, but to present it conveniently.

A simple design, easy-navigable site, and professional images are essential qualities for any modern website. Visually, it appeals to your visitors and presents a favourable image for your business. It also makes navigating the site and accessing useful information much easier for your users. Take care to sprinkle the site with calls to action, and make finding your contact information simple. The easier it is for visitors to contact you, the more qualified leads you can get from your site.

2.  Invest in quality SEO

Once you have a website that shows off your business’ best sides, it’s time to think about how you’re going to get prospects to see it. SEO is one of the best tools available for improving your site’s visibility. Search engine optimization is all about making your site and other online listings easier to find with simple search terms. For example, given search terms like “quality tree pruning in Newmarket,” you’ll want your pages to rank higher and appear on the first page of results.

If you have the budget for it, the best move to make is to work with professional SEO services. These businesses can offer online services to revamp your site for greater search engine- and user-friendliness and help create quality content to drive traffic to your site. Alternatively, there are some moves you can make yourself to start. One of the best things you can do is claim your business listing on Google My Business. It’s a great way to make your business more visible, especially if prospects are looking for you specifically. You can also do some keyword research to find the most effective keywords relevant to you, then insert those keywords strategically into your content.

3. Solicit more reviews

When most people look for essential services, one of the things they look at is user reviews. Reviews are a useful tool for prospects that allow them to compare the pros and cons of different businesses before making a decision. Reviews are also viewed as a reliable source of information, as they’re a customer’s impression of the quality of your work.

Soliciting more reviews from your current customers can be a great way to share how they felt about your work with would-be clients. Consider creating a reviews page on your site so prospects have a place to go to see reviews of your work. Another thing to keep in mind is review management. Whenever you get new reviews, it pays to respond quickly and promptly to show that you value customer feedback. It’s particularly important in the case of negative reviews. How you handle negative reviews reflects on your willingness to hear honest feedback and commitment to providing quality service at all times.

4. Use content marketing to build your brand

Creating quality content is one of the most effective strategies for increasing online visibility and building trust with your customer base. Blogs are an excellent platform for sharing and publishing the content you make. For example, if you offer pest control in Midland, you can offer nearby clients how-to articles to keep pests out of the house, to name one example.

Your content is another service you can offer to your clients, above and beyond the services you already provide. Clients often look for simple information your blog provides, and providing that service is a simple way to build goodwill with your client base. While they’re at it, visitors may also browse your site for other content or contact you to provide what they’re looking for. Even if they aren’t, content is a good way to make an impression when your visitors are looking for home improvement services. Regular content creation also gives search engines more results to provide in search results, allowing you to extend your reach at the same time.

5. Use other media to promote your business

Written material is typically the go-to approach for content creation, but it’s not the only one available. Visual media like images and videos are other good choices for making an impression on prospects. Pictures are an excellent way to show off the quality of your work and attention to detail. They also offer a more direct look at how you operate and what customers should expect from you. For example, you could leave before and after images on your pages.

Videos are another excellent medium you can use. Video guides are one way to share your expertise in a more hands-on manner. Think of it as a way you can give your viewers a blow-by-blow demonstration of how to do simple tasks. It’s the next best thing to show them how to do it themselves. You can also use the format for video tours and introductions to introduce your viewers to your business and the people in it.

When it comes to growing your home improvement business, online marketing is your best bet. Whether you offer plumbing renovation in Toronto or rat removal in East York, investing in SEO is the most effective way to reach new prospects and ensure steady growth moving forward. Keep these ideas in mind to start strengthening your digital marketing before the new year.


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