5 Jogging Tips to Keep You in Top Shape

Humans have been running for two million years, and that’s only according to the recorded evidence based on fossil analytics. Humans possess this unique trait that is rare in the animal kingdom.

However, due to the modernization of times and the convenience-based society that exists today, no one runs as much as in previous times. It can be hard to run frequently without running into injuries. With these five jogging tips, you can become a better runner without the hassle that comes with running injuries.

Jogging Tips: 1. Running Shoes

The first and most important tip for running is to have the right running shoes. If you try to run in athletic shoes that are not specifically designed for running, you’ll run the risk of injuring yourself, no pun intended.

For beginner runners, a basic pair of running shoes will do the trick. Marathon runners may find themselves investing more in quality shoes as they can feel the difference and need a shoe that’s meant for long-distance running.

The type of terrain you’re running on influences the type of shoe you should get as well. For an outdoor run or trail running, grab yourself a pair of shoes meant for that terrain with studded outsoles.

2. Stretching

The importance of stretching is often overlooked among weight trainers and beginner runners. Stretching at least ten minutes before and after a run can increase your longevity, flexibility, and strength when running. It’s the number one rule to jog safely.

Stretching helps ease the muscles into the exercise you’re about to be performing. It allows you to recover faster while training your muscles to expand while also improving your running form.

Stretching on your off days is necessary as well. You don’t need to do the type of preparation stretching you’d do before a run, but a chill yoga session on an off-day gives your body the release it needs to keep up the endurance necessary when running.

3. Consistency

Staying consistent will get you to become a better runner. The more often you’re running, the more likely you’ll improve.

Whether your routine is running twice weekly or every day, give yourself a reasonable challenge to improve upon each week. This can be as simple as running an extra half mile or decreasing your run time by ten seconds per mile.

Either way, the only way to get better, build muscle, and improve cardiovascular fitness is through running regularly.

4. Nutrition

Nutrition makes a huge difference in any exercise routine. With something as vigorous as running, the repletion aspect plays a crucial role. Many runners develop a routine where they run first thing in the morning, but if you’re just beginning out, it’s better to have nutrition in your body than work your way up to running while fasting.

Healthy carbs and fats post-run replenish the fuel expended while running. Don’t skip out on this important discipline.

5. Rest and Recovery

Rest and recovery are needed when training. Your jogging form will only improve if you allow your body and mind the time to recover.

Runners would recommend using things like an anti chafing stick, icy-hot, ice, and heating pads. These helpful running tips allow your body to heal from the intense soreness experienced by jogging.

Don’t Give Up

Running is a hard hobby to take on. Keep in mind that humans have been doing it forever — it’s natural to us. With these jogging tips, you’ll be sure to become a better runner in no time.

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