5 Key Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget






On average, you’ll spend over 400 days of your life in the bathroom, making it one of your home’s most hardworking rooms.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish too – even if you only have a limited bathroom decorating budget to work with.

In fact, your bathroom’s compact size and clearly defined purpose make it easier to add interest without breaking the bank. After all, such a minimal space doesn’t require the expanses of furniture and fittings of a living room or kitchen.

Looking to transform your bathroom on a budget? Keep reading to find out how!

1. Update the Walls

The walls do a lot more of the talking in small rooms than in larger spaces so updating your bathroom walls is sure to make an impact. But what if you don’t have the time, patience, funds, or skills for hanging wallpaper or retiling your entire ensuite?

Luckily, modern bathroom ideas such as adhesive wall and floor tiling solutions mean it’s a whole lot easier to update your bathroom in a flash. All you need to do is peel and stick these affordable and super easy panels on the walls for a fresh new look you can finish in a weekend.

2. Add Color-Coordinated Accessories 

Not all bathroom updates have to test your DIY skills. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to bring new life into your space is with a color-coordinated selection of new bathroom towels and accessories.

To create a calming space that feels anything but clinical, avoid white or gray towels. Instead, you should opt for fluffy towels in colors such as peach, terracotta, and soft pink, along with coordinating caddies, storage jars, and a glass soap dispenser.

3. Hang an Oversized Mirror

Mirrors add tons of light and space, both of which are often much-needed in bathrooms. Go as large as your walls allow with an oversized frameless mirror to create the illusion of a larger, more modern bathroom with one easy update. Glass is also a great idea to make your bathroom looks luxury so, contact a glass suppliers for it.

As for the shape, round mirrors can help soften otherwise angular bathroom designs while hanging a wall-to-wall rectangular mirror keeps the look contemporary and sharp.

4. Replace the Shower Curtain 

If your budget and limited resources don’t allow you the luxury of splashing out on a sliding glass door, you can still refresh your space with a new shower curtain. A clean white curtain edged with a darker shade at the bottom helps hide the discoloration and stains that can start to appear over time.

And, to make your bathroom feel bigger, make sure to dry your curtain and then pin it open with a decorative wall hook once you’re done showering.

5. Go Green

Although bathroom decorating ideas often warn against adding framed artwork to your bathroom, you can always add interest with a selection of air-purifying plants.

To ensure your bathroom greenery thrives, choose plants that prefer humid environments such as ferns and snake plants. Or, if your bathroom has no window, opt for fake plants instead.

Budget Bathroom Decorating Ideas

As these ideas show, a limited bathroom decorating budget doesn’t have to hold you back.

With a little imagination and some smart styling tricks, your bathroom will soon be the shrine to self-care you’ve been dreaming of!

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