5 Natural Ways to Prevent Teeth Grinding

People who grind their teeth should stop it before it results in any serious damage. There are some home remedies that you should follow to avoid clenching your teeth. Teeth grinding is medically known as bruxism. Regular teeth grinding can cause oral health complications.

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth?

Many people grind their teeth when they are stressed and have anxiety attacks. Teeth grinding often occurs during sleep or it can also happen by an abnormal bite or a crooked tooth. Sleep apnea is a common cause of bruxism. When I visited one of the best dentists in Islamabad, he shared that teeth grinding is common not only in kids but also in adults.

Read on to explore the best remedies for teeth grinding.

  • Reductive Coronoplasty

Reductive Coronoplasty is the oral health procedure that includes the reshaping of the biting level surface of your teeth. There are some causes of teeth grinding, such as misaligned, crowded, crooked teeth. In the cause of these conditions, reductive coronoplasty will be effective.

  • Mouthguards and Splints

For sleep bruxism, the mouthguard procedure is helpful as it includes teeth cushioning. Teeth cushioning stops the teeth from grinding each other. People with chronic sleep bruxism need a custom-made mouthguard. It helps to prevent tooth damage. This technique lowers the chances of jaw strain.

As compared to OTC, custom-made mouthguards are expensive. Different thickness custom-made mouthguards depend on your teeth damage. OTC mouthguards that are used at nighttime, are made up of plastic that is not that beneficial and comfortable in comparison to the mouthguards.

  • Manage Stress

Mental health issues may be linked to teeth grinding, which means bruxism. People who suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress often grind their teeth. If you have a chronic mental illness, this condition leads to regular teeth grinding. You should consult a doctor to discuss your mental illness because it can also affect your body overall and may develop different kinds of diseases, such as heart diseases, skin aging, lack of appetite, low quality sleep, etc.

How to Manage Stress?

Yoga has many effects on depression. You should follow yoga practice as it gives you peace. Meditate yourself as it also helps to alleviate stress, pain, and anxiety. You can get help from an expert. Eat healthy food and do some exercise to deal with your stress issues.

  • Biofeedback

If you are fed up with bruxism, you should not lose hope because biofeedback can help you to avoid teeth grinding. It is a procedure that helps to eliminate the behavior, including both awake and sleep bruxism. A therapist will teach you how to control your jaw muscle movements through auditory, vibratory, and visual feedback generated from electromyography.

  • Botox

Experts believe that injections of botulinum toxin which is known as Botox, reduce the frequency of bruxism. You should consult your doctor about your teeth grinding and possible damage. Your doctor will suggest to you about safety and requirements. For its treatment, the doctor injects a small amount of Botox into the masseter. It is a large muscle that helps in your jaw movement.

What Diet Causes are Teeth Grinding?

Chewing gum can get your jaws used to moving throughout the day. It may be possible that your mucus jaws get used to such movement and result in bruxism. There are some other foods, like caffeine intake from chocolate, coffee, cola, etc.

Experts also believe that vitamin deficiency can cause teeth grinding. Eating a healthy diet can help you get rid of bruxism. Foods that contain calcium and magnesium lead to good oral health. Your best defense will be the vitamins that you may need.

What Are the Other Ways to Treat Teeth Grinding?

Researchers say that we can deal with teeth grinding habits at home.


  • Start exercise
  • Massage your jaw muscles
  • Do not chew foods all the time
  • Meditate before going to the bed
  • Noticed your clenching

Final Thoughts

There are many possible causes of teeth grinding that can lead to tooth complications. When you notice early signs of teeth grinding, consult your doctor for bruxism treatment.


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