[5 of the Best Workspaces at Your Current Hotel Stay]

Whenever you travel for business, you’ll invariably end up needing to do some work during your downtime at the hotel.

You know, those tasks that really can’t wait until you get back—like responding to emails, sending in those reports, answering questions about the next quarter’s expenses, keeping on top of your committees, etc.

But here’s the problem.

When you’re out traveling for work, and then you end up getting back to the hotel at a pretty late hour, the question arises:

Where are you supposed to do this work?

What are your most productive options for getting work accomplished once you get back to the hotel to avoid distraction and procrastination?

These are great questions.

And in this post, you’re going to learn everything you need to know.

Let’s talk about five of the best workspaces at your current hotel stay.

1. Your Room

In most cases, the most productive place to perform work at your current hotel stay will actually be in your room.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Number one, this is a private area where distractions can be cut to a minimum.

Secondly, you will probably have WiFi in your room, which means that you’ll be able to do things like send emails, forward documents, etc.

Plus, if the room is nice, it should provide a pretty positive environment for creativity as you wind down for the evening.

2. A Dedicated Remote Office Space

Some hotels have remote office spaces available for people who need to get things done.

These spaces may be equipped with internet, a phone, a printer, a fax machine, a scanner, etc. However, a fax machine might not be necessary, as you can use your android device and install a free fax app for android.

They’ll contain pretty much everything you need to get work done while traveling abroad for business.

These spaces can be a little bit distracting, depending on how they’re laid out.

However, they can also give you quite a few tools that you may not have access to in your hotel room.

This is why they come in at number two on our list.

3. The Coffee Shop

Most business hotels are going to have some kind of coffee shop on site where you could grab a cup of coffee for those late night work binges.

First of all, a coffee shop is generally a nice place to sit down and work—so this is a plus.

Secondly, a nice hot cup of caffeinated coffee to help fuel your mind for those late night work hours is another added benefit.

The only downsides of this option is that these spaces can sometimes be distracting.

4. By The Pool

It’s the remote travelers dream:

Sitting by the pool, catching some hot sun, and just enjoying the atmosphere as you type on your computer, make money, and get ahead at your job.

Obviously, this is a dream come true for most people.

But for those of you who’ve actually worked in the field, you may come to understand that this location also has its downsides.

Number one, it can be really distracting.

Number two, sometimes it’s difficult to actually get work done when you’re reclining in a chair sitting at the pool.

Also, water can splash onto you. And sometimes, the sun is just too bright.

But still, it’s a luxurious option in the proper context, and sometimes it’s the best option.

5. Out Of The Way Lobby Areas

Lobby areas can tend to be really distracting, especially during busy normal business hours.

However, some hotels offer some out-of-the-way lobby areas where you can actually find some semblance of privacy while working on that next business project.

Of course, this all depends on the hotel, on the hours that you plan to work, and on the general vibe of what’s going on.

For best results, scope out the lobby areas in your own hotel to see if this may be a decent place to sit down and get a little work done.

Again, the major downside here will probably be distraction.

It’s also true that you may struggle to find an out of the way place to actually feel comfortable.

But this may vary depending on the hotel as well.


There you have it.

Five of the best workspaces at your current hotel stay, where you may be able to get work done while traveling abroad.

Of course, there are also other places where you could get work done at a hotel, but these are our top five favorites.

The most important thing is that you just get creative and do what needs to be done to get that work done.

You’ve got this. Now get out there and make it happen.


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