5 POS software features that are absolutely essential for your restaurant

In the post pandemic world, managing a restaurant is no simple task. Customers have become more demanding and sales have declined sharply. As per the report by National Restaurant Association, in 2020 the total sales in the restaurant industry were $240 billion less than the figures projected by the association. Hence with a legacy restaurant billing software, you can no longer meet the expectations of your diners. It’s an imperative to implement a digital, cloud based restaurant management software.

5 features that are essential in a restaurant POS software

Reservation and digital menus – 

The hygiene conscious diners don’t want to stand in long queues anymore. Hence the feature of booking restaurant tables in advance is a must-have in the software. Once your customers reach the restaurant, they don’t want to touch the paper menus used by others.  With a digital menu your diners just have to scan a QR code on their smartphones for placing orders of food. 

Contactless payments – 

Once customers are done with their meals, there should be the option to make payments using digital wallets such as Paytm or Google Pay. By offering all contactless features, India’s leading digital restaurant POS software Inresto POS provides your customers an absolutely safe, contactless dining experience.    

Live tracking of inventory – 

Wastage of raw materials can cost you dearly. With a robust Supply Chain Management software, now monitor your stock levels live from any location, anytime. It cuts down wastage drastically and helps you order the right quantity of inventory.

Staff evaluation – 

It’s quite necessary to evaluate your employee performance in terms of various parameters such as login times, table turnaround times, dealing with customers etc.

Marketing campaigns and loyalty programs – 

For communicating the discounts and offers, a marketing campaign can help you immensely. Similarly, with a loyalty program, reward your diners and fostering loyalty among them. 

Parting Words

In the current scenario, the 5 features discussed above are essential for your restaurant POS. By implementing a robust restaurant management software now you can easily tide over these tough times.


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