5 Reasons Companies Hire Certified Ethical Hackers Online

Numerous organizations specialize in the practice of penetration testing or ethical hacking. These companies hire certified ethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their clients’ systems before malicious attackers can exploit them. If your company specializes in this kind of work, here are five reasons companies may want to hire you:

1. Clients get peace of mind knowing they have strong security measures in place

By hiring an independent professional hacker for hire online who specializes in penetration testing or ethical hacking, you give yourself the advantage of knowing whether your network is secure enough for business purposes. If it’s not, you know where your weak points are so you can take corrective action to improve security. With enough information about vulnerabilities in hand, managers can decide how much resources to invest toward security measures and if they 

need additional help from a legal or IT consultant.

2. Providing proof of concept

It’s easy for managers to decide how much money to spend toward improving security when they know the exact risks posed by vulnerabilities in their systems. However, this information is hard to come by because it can be challenging to determine which threats are real without doing some investigative work on your own. It’s not an unreasonable expectation that you will test any possible weaknesses found before reporting them – this is called proof of concept – but the testing process itself could open up further vulnerabilities and create more problems than solutions. That’s why companies hire ethical hackers who already have experience with penetration testing and can prove there is at least a possibility that a certain vulnerability could pose a problem.

3. You have extensive experience in your field

Even if you’re a specialist, everyone has to start out somewhere. It can be challenging to get clients without any professional references or concrete examples of previous work to show them what you’ve done or that you understand the basics of ethical hacking and penetration testing. That’s why hiring managers consider whether an applicant is certified in ethical hacking by an established industry authority because it implies they have reached a certain level of knowledge and skill in their field. In addition, certification requires years of practice before anyone can even apply for certification. Hence, employers assume that certified workers are more likely to know what they’re talking about than other applicants who lack certification from reputable agencies.

4. Managers and customers know you’re held accountable for your actions by an established authority

Customer service can be a challenge in any profession. Still, when you’ve got clients whose security is literally at risk every day, they need assurance that you take this responsibility seriously. It’s even more important than usual to establish accountability so customers will feel confident hiring you to test their systems and knowing that your work reflects sound judgment and expertise gained through years of experience. Being certified in ethical hacking implies that the company issuing the certification holds its professionals accountable. Customers can feel safe entrusting their networks and data to people who dedicate themselves to following standards and guidelines outlined by well-respected organizations like EC-Council.

5. You have access to an established community of professionals from whom you can learn new techniques and share ideas

There’s a strong sense of camaraderie in the ethical hacking industry because everyone knows that there is strength in numbers when it comes to fighting cybercrime. Finding a group of people with similar interests and skills is the best way to network, brainstorm new approaches for solving problems, and stay aware of ongoing trends that could affect your business environment. If you are interested in android hacking, then they will search you as android hackers for hire online, and you will meet with the person of having the same interest in this field. Being certified means you’ve got access to a virtual community where you can not only ask questions about potential vulnerabilities but also get help if something goes wrong during testing or other aspects of your work day-to-day. You have the option to collaborate with experts from around the world, so you don’t have to test everything on your own.


If you’re a certified ethical hacker, EC-Council can give you even more tools to help your business succeed through various training and certification courses designed to expand the knowledge base of any applicant interested in cyber security. And there are many options available for different purposes, for example, and if you want to hack iPhone, then you have to go with iPhone hackers for hire online, etc


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