5 Smart Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

Having a small living space can be tricky and may require more thought and creativity when decorating and furnishing. Tiny spaces do not necessarily have to be uncomfortable and unpleasant to be in, quite the opposite actually. With a little imagination and quirky tricks, you could design a perfectly functional and efficient space without sacrificing the furniture and decorations that you want. Even the most awkward layouts or smallest spaces could be turned into multifunctional rooms if you make clever use of furniture and storage units.

However, we understand that it could be difficult to begin and a dash of inspiration beforehand could do wonders to your space. That is why here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some of the most important things to consider for your small living space and smart tips and tricks for you to incorporate into your project so that you create beautiful and yet practical living quarters.

1. Think About the Layout

One aspect where people seem to struggle with the most is the overall layout of the room. Bear in mind that this is also the most important thing to consider as you begin furnishing your space. The reason why some find it so challenging is because they are so used to the traditional layout and their minds are stuck on it. It’s hard to get away from that and that is where your imagination would come into use. Positioning the furniture in a way that will benefit you and make it seem less overwhelming is essential. The key is to place the majority of things on one side of the room, facing one wall which will hopefully leave some more open space on the other side. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with the proportions of the room and much like a Tetris everything will fall into place soon enough.

2. Reconsider the Nightstand

Nightstands can be a huge problem when you are trying to be as space efficient as possible. They tend to take up a lot of space on both sides of your bed and most of the time you cannot even store many things in them. That is why in order to utilise the space as much as you can, it’s important that you are creative with your choice of nightstand as well. Nesting tables are a good choice because they provide the space for the normal bedside essentials, but also have the space underneath which allows for storing anything you need. Whether that is a storage box or a decoration, it will not only be space efficient, but it will also create more depth to the room, making it appear larger than it is.

3. Wall Mount

Another way to make your space less crowded is by mounting anything you can on the walls. For instance, you could save some of your surface space by wall mounting a nightstand lamp. What’s more, it would give you a more modern vibe as well as save you some space. Wall mounted TV is an obvious choice too which will let you be as creative as you wish with the storage units around it. Adding flowing shelving would make a great decoration to your space as well and give you an extra space to store things while looking chic and not overwhelming,

4. Make Use of Vertical Space

Having limited space will have you being more mindful of untapped resources and you will soon find yourself trying to utilise every little bit of available space in the best way possible. One of the most underused ones is the vertical wall space. Think of that space above your wardrobe, your bed or any kind of vertical space that is empty. You could perhaps add ladder storage and create a beautiful display while also making the most of the space you have available.

5. Use the Bed Wisely

Making sure you have utilised everything in a clever way is what all small bedroom designs are for. When purchasing your bed, you might want to consider its design. More often than not you will strike upon the traditional beds and it’s possible that you might have to tailor them slightly for your living situation, however, it would make all the difference once done. It’s essential that you find one which has storage space built into it already with shelves underneath. What’s more, you may want to incorporate some shelves as a bedframe or add something at the foot of the bed.

In order to create that well-designed and clutter-free space in a tiny room you will need a handful of imagination and thought put into it, however, alongside our essential tips there are numerous others available for you to get inspired by and create your dream bedroom without feeling crowded in it.

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