5 things to do when locked out at your office in Las Vegas

At some point it may happen that by an oversight you get locked inside your office, in this situation, the first thing to do is to sit down and think about what are those actions that can help us solve the problem. Many times we panic and the situation overwhelms us, but to avoid it, we will offer you 5 things you can do if you accidentally got trapped in the office. 

 Keep calm

This point may seem very silly, but we must consider that there are many people who are claustrophobic and experiencing a situation where you cannot access the exit can generate a level of stress that can cause a desperate movement that ends up harming the person. 

Keep calm, hyperventilating will not solve the problem, keeping a cool head and not forgetting that we will solve the problem is important.

The calmer the person is, the better concentration he/she will have to solve the problem and avoid living another traumatic episode. 

Calling a locksmith

As a first option we want to offer you the one that in our opinion is the most advisable, to go to a locksmith. If you contact these professionals, they can go to the place where you are and analyze the situation to devise the best solution. The best thing is that there will be no need to break or damage you to get out of trouble. Call a commercial locksmith service and solve the problem in a few minutes. 


Normally we do not imagine that we will live this type of experience, so it is difficult to have a plan to follow in this type of situation. If you have already contacted a professional locksmith or do not know of one, let a family member or close friend know about your situation and they can help you contact someone. 

If you have a co-worker or boss who can come to your rescue, these are also excellent options. The more people who can come to your aid, the better and faster the nightmare will end. 

Avoid trying to pick the lock by force

As we have mentioned, it may happen that desperation takes over us, that our mood destabilizes and we want to get out of there at all costs, but forcing the door will only bring consequences. Avoid having to resort to causing damage that you may end up paying for. 

If you have already contacted a locksmith, be patient and wait for them to take care of the problem, the same if you have already contacted a friend or your boss. 

Using a wrench and screwdriver

If unfortunately you couldn’t call anyone, you don’t know a professional locksmith who can solve the problem. Try to see if your office has a screwdriver and a wrench. This technique requires some dexterity, but with patience you may be able to help yourself. Avoid applying exaggerated amounts of force so as not to cause serious damage. 

Using the wrench, try to grasp the protrusion of the lock that protrudes to the outside. Try to twist it sideways until you finally manage to break it or pull it out. From there, we use a screwdriver to try to turn the inner part.  With this technique you will be able to open the door and go outside.