5 Things to Know When Shopping for Air Filters

As a homeowner, you may know when to change your AC air filter but unsure of the right size. If it’s your first visit to the market and you’ve never worried about your air filter, how will you know what meets your requirements? Numerous options are available, and selecting the right one for your family and home is essential. Here are a few things to consider when buying an air filter.

1. Consider the size

When purchasing air filters, you must determine the size.AC filters come in different sizes, both in length and width. Air filters work effectively if they have a tight fit. If you notice any gap once a filter is installed, then know it isn’t the right size.

Most filter sizes are printed in the frame, so you can check from there. Most filters range up to 4 inches thick, so be sure about the size you need. A popular filter available is the ac filter 20x23x1; however, you can try others, such as 12x30x1,20x30x1,20x25x1. But consider the filter slot size and the air quality to determine which size suits your unit.

2. Price point

Another thing you should consider when purchasing air filters is the cost. There are expensive, cost-friendly and cheap products in the market. It will depend on your budget and how much you need to spend. Priced filters are likely to be made with high-quality materials and thus can last long, while cheap ones can run for a short period. However, factors like how often the filter is used affect the durability too.

3. Type of air filter

It’s essential to consider the type of air filter you will take home before you seal a deal. There are different types for distinct purposes. For instance, the HEPA filter traps all tiny particles and ensures you are inhaling clean air.

On the other hand, carbon filters aid people who are allergic. Although they might not target small particles, they can purify your air. Since numerous types are available, ensure you familiarize yourself with each type, as buying the wrong is a waste of money.

4. Check the MERV rating

Air filters are rated using the MERV values. Such ratings aid you in knowing how effectively the filter can trap particles.MERV values range from 1-13. The higher the MERV value, the more efficiently the air filter collects dust particles.

According to ASHRAE, getting an air filter with a rating of More than six is great. However, if the rating is high, air flow might be low; thus, more power might be used due to resistance. This way, your energy bills can rise.

5. Air quality

The quality of air required varies from one person to another. For example, if your property is insulated, it can help trap contaminants. Also, people with respiratory issues and other common allergies need a high-quality filter for effective air purification. According to research, most Americans spend almost 90% of their day indoors. Therefore getting a filter that will guarantee quality air is essential.

Final thoughts

AC units are popular nowadays, and getting the right air filter is great for improving the air quality you need. If this is your first time buying a filter, don’t worry. Above are great things you need to consider and get the best air filter to meet your needs.


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