5 Things to Look for in a Good Medical SEO Agency

Are you looking for an SEO agency to help you promote your medical practice online? 

Finding a provider to increase your online presence is difficult. You need an SEO agency that knows your industry enough to help you overcome online marketing campaign challenges.

Statista reports that 27.9% of SEO experts worldwide said pandemic concerns were one of their biggest issues, and 37.6% said pandemic-related budget cuts hurt their marketing efforts the most. An SEO agency must know how to address such concerns.

Don’t just jump the gun at the first SEO agency you find. Screen your candidates by considering the following factors.

1. The Right SEO Agency Has Medical Industry Knowledge

According to Digitalauthority.me, you must take the time to hire the right company. That also means taking the time to know what your target SEO agency knows about your industry. 

The SEO agency you want to work for should have deep knowledge of your industry. This is more than just marketing knowledge.

To deliver the best optimization results, they must have more than just the essential background of your medical expertise. If you’re a practicing cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation surgery, the agency you will select must promote your services just like you would.

Remember, your medical website is your virtual clinic, your online medical office where your clients can find the information that they need. A good SEO agency must use niche-specific terms, data, and other relevant information as this mirror your expertise in the field. Consider these tactics to determine if an SEO agency has updated knowledge of the medical industry.

  • Ask about the agency’s experience in medical SEO.
  • Look for client reviews from medical companies and medical practitioners.
  • Check case studies of the agency’s medical clients and other relevant industries.
  • Ask about the agency’s SEO plans to optimize your website. 

2. Possess Outstanding Content Writing Skills

Your web content defines your online success. It represents your medical brand, shows your audience how you transact your business, and highlights your services. With the best content, search engines can easily read your web pages and help rank your website better.

The best SEO agency offers impressive written content, thanks to their experienced pool of content writers. They understand what content types and keywords to leverage to rank your pages in the SERP and gain traffic to your site. 

For a medical website, you need content that will answer your audience’s questions about their health and show how your services or products are the solutions to their questions. Ideally, they are around 1,447 words long, the average content length of top pages in Google, according to Backlinko.

The best website content is engaging and shareable. Your audience will come back for more content and recommend your business as they develop trust in your services or products. Use these strategies to find out how an SEO agency excels in content writing services.

  • Ask for a sample of their content writing work. Check their portfolio or links to their published works.
  • Check their social media pages and focus on their content style, focus, and engagement.
  • Observe how they format their content. These must be easy to understand, readable, and enjoyable.
  • Consider other forms of content, not just text content. Medical practitioners will benefit from other engaging content like videos, infographics, images, and podcasts.
  • Consider samples of their landing pages if you want to include paid search as one of your marketing strategies.

3. Mastery of Search Engine Algorithms

Google and other search engines regularly update their algorithms to ensure that users can easily find what they need. Updates also ensure that all information they present is relevant and from high authority sources.

A good SEO agency takes algorithm updates seriously and uses them in all campaigns. They may even take the time to update old posts. HubSpot reports that upgrading and republishing old blog posts with new information and photos can improve organic traffic by 106%.

If you have a local medical practice, Google’s new algorithms allow them to provide practical, highly-relevant, and locally accurate results. Your clients will easily find you through organic search and eventually lead them to your local business. A few tips to check out a company’s algorithm compliance:

  • Ask for reports on how their clients rank on SERPs.
  • Check case studies and reports.
  • Ask about their knowledge of Google’s latest algorithm updates and how these apply to your medical practice.

4. Uses a Powerful Software Platform

Search engine optimization is a collection of strategies aimed to promote and optimize a website. The best SEO agency must rely on the latest and most efficient tools to help them provide quality SEO services.

For example, in keyword research, your agency must invest in a thorough analysis of high-value keywords in your industry. Aside from personal study, they must rely on top-rated tools such as Ahrefs SEO keyword tool or KWFinder to look for the most appropriate keywords or key phrases.

There must also be more SEO tools in their arsenal, like Google Search Console, considered the best SEO tool. This tool optimizes a website’s visibility, measures website performance, and helps marketers fix website issues. 

5. With a Dependable Support Team

Finally, the best SEO team must value your business. They must be available for questions, reports, and conferences. They must help you with technical concerns and for immediate resolutions of any issues regarding your website. Consider the following when looking for a responsive and dependable SEO agency:

  • Look for updated contact details. You must be able to chat, call, or email for support right away.
  • Check a complete company FAQ page for quick answers to your questions.
  • Read customer reviews highlighting the company’s customer support service.

Final Words

An SEO company with a strong background in the medical industry and outstanding content creation skills can boost your visibility online. Your medical practice deserves to be at the top of search engine results. Partner with a strong medical SEO company, and you’re steps closer to achieving your optimization goals.


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