5 Things You Should Know About Skylight Repair






Is your skylight leaking, cracked, or completely shattered? If so, it sounds like you’re in desperate need of a skylight repair.

This article will cover the five most important factors you need to consider when pursuing a repair for a skylight, from pricing to installations, to the different window pane options available.

Let’s jump in.

1. Skylight Leak Repair

If you’re noticing a leak in the seal for your skylight, you need it repaired ASAP.

Materials you’ll need are:

  • A ladder
  • Broom/brush
  • Silicone caulk and a caulking gun
  • Painter’s tape
  • A utility knife
  • Gloves and safety goggles

When you’re on the roof, cut out any old silicone caulk already there. Likely the area is dirty and may need cleaned prior. Mineral spirits can help clear out any dust that’s wedged its way inside.

Then, apply a steady bead of caulk along the seam, using your finger to smooth out any edges. Give it plenty of time to dry before a storm.

If there’s a crack in the glass of your window, you’re going to need skylight repair services. This can’t be repaired with a simple bit of caulk.

In the meantime, you can cover the glass with a temporary seal, such as tape or a tarp, if you can’t get a replacement immediately.

2. Determine Window Material

If you’re in need of a completely new skylight, you’ll need to consider the material of the frame. These are often wood, aluminum, or vinyl.

Wood offers great insulation and style, however, it’s expensive. Vinyl comes in various aesthetics and has a variable price. Aluminum is often the cheapest, but it is prone to dents and damage.

3. Best Window Panes for Skylights

You’ve got options. In most cases, plexiglass (which is actually acrylic plastic) is used for skylights due to its durability. However, tempered glass is also quite popular.

This is the type of glass used for windshields and is designed not to shatter if damaged or cracked. Traditional glass is rarely used in skylights.

4. Skylight Repair Costs

If you have a simple leak, your costs are the caulk, tape, and maybe a new ladder. A severe crack will require maintenance, likely from a professional.

To determine costs, you’ll need to factor in the window materials, the pane types, and the size of the panes. Contacting a local skylight repair service can help you determine how much new windows should cost.

Alternatively, if you have experience as a handyman, you could source your new skylight online and attempt to install it yourself, replacing just the windowpane or cutting out and replacing the whole skylight.

5. Needing Roof Replacement

Are you replacing a roof? It’s advised to always replace your skylight during a roof replacement for a few reasons.

Mixing old and new materials isn’t wise. Older materials will wear and deteriorate, causing damage to your new roof. A new seal for the window also will prove more leak-proof.

Similarly, it’s more cost-effective to get them done all at once.

Skylight Repair

It doesn’t take an expert to determine whether or not your skylight is leaking. If it is, get your skylight repaired immediately. The longer the damage exists, the worse the leak will get.

Then you’ll wind up having to repair something inside as well. Not ideal.

Found something useful in this article? For more on repairs and home improvement projects, check out our related blog posts.

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