5 Tips to Resolve Conflicts at the Workplace

Workplace conflicts are not something new. Even when the project managers least want such a scenario, they have to face conflicts every other time.

In our personal lives as well, we tend to become a part of conflicts. Although the personal conflicts are different, professional conflicts can sometimes result in sadness, discomfort, pain, frustration, and loss of productivity. Therefore paying attention to resolving conflicts plays a significant role in organizations.

Companies invest heavily to build their projects a success. They hire project managers to handle all the project chaos and continuity. There is no doubt project mangers are needed to run the projects but they need to be qualified with great experience and should have gone through a legit pmp certification training before they should be handled big projects in an organization. Despite of a great team conflits are happen to be so common in the organizations.

In today’s world, where organizations look for creative and talented minds from different geographical locations, several factors can result in conflicts. With varying viewpoints in the same team, it can create disagreements. This, when not resolved, can further take a big turn.

Since there is no way to stop conflicts, at least when you know how to resolve them, you can stay at peace. Whether you are an owner or a manager, the following 5 tips can become helpful for you

5 Simple Tips to Resolve and Handle Conflicts at the Workplace

1.   Find The Source That Is Causing Conflicts:

The very first step for resolving the conflicts is to understand its source. When you understand the origin or the thing that is causing the conflict, you will understand the root cause. Moreover, this will also help you to get a better understanding of the point of disagreement from both parties.

To evaluate better, you can discuss the things that were not met from both sides. Make sure you have got enough information from both sides about the point which has resulted in conflict. Work on getting enough information before you start discussing or finding ways to resolve the issues. Keep asking questions until you are satisfied to have enough information for the resolution.

2.   Talk in Private:

Many people become so frustrated with regular conflicts that they sometimes start doubting and asking about the best way to solve them. You can definitely have a group discussion in a safe place with the two different parties. However, when you have heard enough from the parties, it is time to have an individual conversation.

This is when you will need a private place to talk. When you have a private space in the office, it can help to continue interacting individually to resolve the issues. Ask everyone in the conflict to talk individually so that you can figure out the actual reason. This way, you can find honest and straightforward communication.

3.   Listen To Them Carefully:

When you have opted for individual discussion, you must pay attention to what they are talking about. Be a good listener and do not interrupt in between.

Do not ask any questions, even if you have. Make sure you are carrying a notebook to write down the points and your questions as well. Once the person completes everything they had to say, you continue with your questions.

Ensure that you have got the message that the other person is willing to convey. Now that you have jotted down everything, it is your time to repeat the questions. You can start by asking, “Kindly correct me if I go wrong anywhere, and then you start with the points.”

In case there is confusion, you can ask them to correct it. The more you listen, the more you get an understanding of it. However, try to confirm everything that you understand.

4.   Try Investigating The Entire Situation:

When you have heard everything from both parties, you must take time to analyze the situation and investigate it from the root. Don’t come up with something immediately; instead, take time to study.

Try to dig deeper to find in detail about the issues before coming up with the final verdict. Try to find the link with the root cause of the problems and whatever both the parties have mentioned. Try to summarize everything in short and convey it by bringing both parties to a common place.

Digging deeper always helps to find the resolution much quickly.

5.   Come To An Agreement:

When you first start the conversation, you will find too many disagreements from both parties. But now that you have heard in detail, it is your responsibility to find the commonalities and use this as the agreement.

Write the positives and negatives that have emerged from the discussion. Make sure you are acknowledging the expected points from each party and eventually coming to a resolution. Make sure you are discussing these points in a meeting in front of both parties present. In case there are some minor issues, they can be immediately resolved.

This way, it will demonstrate that the company is willing to listen to both the parties and bring common ground by shedding light on each.


Workplace conflicts can result in spreading negativities and taking away enthusiasm. Therefore the more you pay attention to resolving them from the initial point; you can maintain a cheerful work ambiance and encourage people to work efficiently.


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