5 tools that make your essay spotless

“Your words may create an eternal sunshine of a spotless essay”

Writing isn’t an interest but a passion! To some people, writing may seem boring but to a lot of people; it is nothing but an escape. What’s better than being able to pen-down your thoughts? Nothing! Once a person starts writing, there’s no going back. Everything seems easy and fun after that. 

However, considering the fact that “nobody’s perfect”, writers also make mistakes that they usually oversee. Making a mistake isn’t wrong, ignoring that mistake is! To avoid mistakes, proofreading is good but what’s better is using a writing tool. 

What in the World is a Writing Tool?

The advancement of internet and technology has paved the way for a revolution in almost all the different walks of life. Writing tools are one of the outcomes of this revolution. In technological terms, a writing tool is basically software that is used to enhance and check one’s written material.

It was not very long ago when people had to completely rely on their own knowledge and expertise to write anything such as essays. By doing so, many mistakes went unnoticed but not anymore. 

Writing tools have become a constant companion especially to writers all around the world. Teachers use it in their work, students use it while writing assignments, and even online agencies offering essay assignment help utilize it to make their final write-up spotless. 

How Exactly Does A Writing Tool Make Your Essay Spotless?

Nobody is perfect but, your essays can be, only if you use an online tool, then why not? An online writing tool enhances your writing in different ways like:

  • It removes all the grammatical errors. An online tool notices even the slightest mistake in your spellings, tone, deliverance, and sentence structure. 
  • An online writing tool provides you alternative ways to compose a sentence. It helps you in finding unique and not-so-cliché words.
  • Quality is one of the things that is truly needed to attract any reader. Online writing tools allow you to write on quality by avoiding wordiness.
  • One main benefit of an online writing tool is that it helps you in keeping track of plagiarism in your content. 
  • An online tool also provides quality feedback within few minutes. When a writer uses an online writing tool, they get a feedback immediately. How well-written is the content, what is the readability status, and how much improvement has been made with time. 

55 Problems? 5 Solutions!

The internet is filled with so many different writing tools that could enhance your essays but are you looking for a writing tool? Or the best among the all? If your answer is yes, you would surely enjoy this read.

Tools That Will Make Your Essay Stand Out 

Are you tired of the meticulous proofreading you have to do over and over again, every time you write an essay?

Perhaps, a writing tool is all you need!

For many people, something which is more dreadful than writing an essay itself is proofreading. When you put all your blood, sweat, and tears into an essay assignment, getting help becomes mandatory. You don’t have the energy to go through it all once again; that’s where the online tools come in. 

Isn’t it fascinating that with the time being, the evolution in technology made our lives so much easier! Nobody in the past would’ve imagined that checking grammar online would become common, too soon. Online grammar checking tools are nothing but a great help! 

Following are the five tools that are most famous for their wide usage.

  • Grammarly

People use Grammarly for correcting;

  1. Basic grammatical errors.
  2. Sentence structure.
  3. Active-passive issue.

If you use the premium version of Grammarly, it helps you catch the phrases and sentences that were used before. It protects your content from being plagiarized, and many writers who provide affordable assignment help, recommend the use of Grammarly for quality results.

  • Google Scholar

You want your statistics to be strong and correct? Are you looking forward to use Google for your research purposes? Then, the recommendations of expert writers suggest that when delivering an informative essay or content, one shall use Google Scholar to get the latest verified facts.

There is a difference between facts at Google and facts at Google Scholar. Both search engines have different methodologies and content. 

Google Scholar educates only on the things that are non-fiction. However, normal Google suggests and presents every content that is similar, and sometimes incorrect too. Google has spiced-up content, Google Scholar only provides research and dissertation content.

  • Google Docs

Protection of the content is necessary. Google Docs help your content to be safe and secure. It protects the rights of the content or essay written by any writer. It has mega storage that helps to recover all the content you have written. Not only this, but Google Docs also help in saving the data automatically. 

  • Language Tool

This tool helps every writer to enhance their proofreading skills. This tool aims to provide every writer to create a fruitful essay that engages readers across the world. It not only helps you detect your writing tone but it provides suggestions that may produce potent word and sentence structure.

  • Hemingway Editor 3.0

This application tends to make your writing more clear. It helps in creating concise sentences that are logical and presentable. It helps you by providing a good readability flow of the content. It plays a significant role in increasing your writing level and understanding. Not only this, but this application helps to improve your proofreading style.

The Final Word:

Sometimes you have to walk an extra mile to get your work done. As a writer, if the only grammar and spell checker you have is the default one in Microsoft then that’s bad news! Making your essay spotless demands more than that. Make use of the tools mentioned above and let yourself shine through your writings unapologetically.


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