5 Types of Website Platforms for Website Building

Are you finally ready to build that website you’ve been waiting on? Having a website is a great way to boost your business, your professional life, or your creative career.

There are all kinds of reasons to have a website, and now there are all different types of website platforms to help you build it. No matter the type of website you need, with these platforms you don’t have to be a computer wiz to make it happen.

1. Wix

As far as the best website builders go, Wix is one of the top options. It’s very easy to use and great for beginners, while also allowing flexibility in how you build your site.

You can build all kinds of sites with Wix, but overall it offers a lot of control, and even includes a free plan if that works for you. There are hundreds of templates to choose from but build carefully because you won’t be able to change it once your site is up and running.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is another popular website builder that offers a lot to people new in the design field.

While it may not be as simple or intuitive as Wix, it still works very well and offers some of the best design templates available. It has a free trial period, but after that, all the plans will cost you month to month.

3. Weebly

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, Weebly might be one of the best website builders for you. It has a free option, as well as relatively cheap month-to-month plans if that works better.

Weebly doesn’t offer the amount of customization that some of the other options do, but if you want a simple website that won’t break the bank, Weebly will work.

4. Duda

For one of the most polished website looks, Duda is the platform for you. It doesn’t come cheap, but has some great templates to choose from and that you can work within to adjust for your own needs. It works for creatives, blogs, and e-commerce if need be.

And if you want a site for selling products, there are other tools like that can help promote your visitors into customers once you have your site. A lot of tools for websites can be found at the tip of your fingers, so don’t limit yourself with what you think you can do with a website.

5. WordPress

Last but certainly not least on this list of the best website builders is WordPress.

It is one of the very best choices for blogs and websites that contain a lot of content. It is, however, more complicated to learn and not as simple as Wix or Squarespace. You can also choose between the .com and .org options, with .org requiring a bit more technical skill to get running.

Top Types of Website Platforms

Because of how necessary websites have become, there are also many types of website platforms for you to choose from. This list has some of the best, but there are even more options available, including standouts like GoDaddy, which offers very simple sites to get up and online fast if need be.

You don’t need a coding background to have your own website, so pick a platform and start building today. And if this helped you in starting your website, keep reading for more good tech tips.

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