5 Ways Corporate Gifts Increase Client Relations

Giving a gift makes people feel good, according to psychologists. Corporate merchandise for clients can be a simple and inexpensive way to say ‘thank you,’ which can go a long way in future business relations. Gifts are personal and are much better than an email or even a phone call.  

Surprise corporate gifts are great for client engagement and workplace engagement, especially when people least expect them! 

Here are 5 ways corporate gifts can increase client relations.

1. Corporate Merchandise Increases Your Brand Awareness

When sending corporate merchandise to a client, you might choose to include your logo. Coffee mugs, shirts, jackets, hats, bags, and countless other items can be a great way to extend your brand awareness. You can put a logo on just about anything! 

Placing your logo on things you use daily such as ink pens or stationery, is a constant reminder of your business and services. This forces people to see your brand and your name.   

People will see your logo anywhere you travel, whether on an airplane or at a train station. They will see your logo at the grocery store, shopping mall, or a baseball game. 

Using a printing company like bigtprinting.com can put your logo anywhere. The possibilities are endless! 

2. First Impressions

After working with a first-time client, sending some corporate merchandise can be a great way to make a first impression. Client gifts show that you are serious about continuing the business relationship and are hoping for continued success. 

Corporate gifts also show the type of company you are trying to establish. You want people to think highly of your company, so client gifts are a great way to get off on the right foot.  

As the saying goes, you ‘never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ Why not establish that first impression with client gifts? 

3. Gifts Show Trust

When sending client gifts, you show you trust the business relationship and want it to continue. After you negotiate a big contract or complete a big project, corporate merchandise can help continue to build that trust between you and your clients.

Building trust takes time, and client gifts can help. Clients will realize you are thoughtful and personal when sending corporate gifts.

4. Increase Productivity

Giving corporate merchandise as employee gifts can increase productivity and workplace engagement. 

You might consider corporate gifts as a way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or recognition for an industry award. People feel appreciated when they receive a gift! 

5. Increase Referrals 

Client gifts can increase referrals, which are key to growing a business. 

People on the receiving end of corporate merchandise will likely recommend your services to others in the industry. They will be impressed by your thoughtfulness and will relay those gestures to possible clients.

Corporate Gifts Increase Client Relations

Corporate merchandise can increase client relations by increasing brand awareness, creating first impressions, and creating trust. They also can increase productivity and referrals.

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