6 Best Car Care Products In Pakistan

We all love our cars, don’t we? Well, mine has an attitude problem that I can never sort out. But I do make sure that whenever I take it for a spin around town, people are envious of my ride and say nice things about its appearance. 

Car is your pride. But do you take care of it? Car wax, car perfume are some products that are not only essential to keep the bodywork shiny but also aid in keeping harmful elements away from entering into the car or damaging paintwork over time. I know they are expensive, and there are several brands out there that offer them for cheap. But do they work?

Here is a list of all the best car care products in Pakistan that are available online all over Pakistan.

Buraq AutoMate’s Car Interior Cleaner

Don’t let the interior of your vehicle resemble a cesspool. The Buraq automate is here to save you from sludge, water stains on seats, and fingers dirty with grease. Use this high-grade cleaner that will rid dirt, grime, crumbs, and more in one cheap purchase! about this best Car Interior Cleaner in Pakistan. 

Buraq AutoMate’s Car Dashboard Polish

The perfect solution for when you’re in a hurry and your car needs to be cleaned. Buraq AutoMate is quick and easy. Making your car look clean has never been this easy. Designed specifically to work on hard-to-reach areas of the dashboard, just a spray and wipe will have it feeling brand new. You can for this best Car Dashboard or Interior Polish in Pakistan.

Buraq AutoMate’s Car Air Fresheners

Buraq also offers a variety of air fresheners to make your car as zen as you are. Buraq automates air fresheners infuse your car with a pleasant mix of smells, so you can go anywhere without being offended. It is considered one of the best car air fresheners in Pakistan

Buraq Automate’s Car Wash & Wax Shampoo

Introducing the newest miracle in car care. Our Buraq auto mate delivers clean-looking shine and gloss with just a touch of polish for your vehicle, without ever having to get your hands dirty again. The revolutionary contraption ensures that not only will it scrub away dirt, but also wax while simultaneously washing exterior surfaces. it is the best Car Shampoo in Pakistan.

Buraq Automate’s Car Fabric Cleaner

Blow your way past the competition with the Buraq AutoMate Car Fabric Cleaner. With this powerful machine, you’ll no longer have to worry about how long it’s been since you’ve last dressed up your ride. As efficient as your washing machine, simply toss some dirty clothes in and let them spin-clean all of that grime out of your car seats. Watch your car turn from blotchy and blocky to clean, sparkly, and ready-for-new adventures. And once you use it for the first time, there’s no turning back. It is considered one of the best car fabric cleaners in Pakistan

Buraq Automate’s Ceramic Car Wax

With the Buraq Ceramic Car Wax, all your vehicles are shining for miles around. Designed to be applied with just a brush or sponge, this wax is pre-applied with natural carnauba wax and premium quality oils that provide long-lasting protection. It can create an even protective layer on any vehicle surface, providing you with one less thing to worry about during hot days in the sun. It is considered one of the best car wax in Pakistan.


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