6 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dishwasher

If you are a newcomer to this appliance, you may wonder before buying it if it is really going to be an advantage to have it in your home. Well, it will not be just one but many more. 

Convenience: No more washing so many dishes by hand. All you have to do is load the dishwasher, insert the detergent tablet and turn it on. 

Saving energy and water: You may think that this point is impossible but the truth is that by selecting the appropriate program depending on the load, this small appliance spends less than you think and helps to save water, because it uses just and necessary, without wasting.

Greater cleaning: That dirt that we think is not going to come out, disappears without problems inside the dishwasher, which leaves our utensils gleaming if we use a quality detergent. Hygiene is even increased, since we do not use the scourer, which contains more germs than we think.

Dishware Care: We’ve always heard that glasses and stemware look damaged when washed in it, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. By not hand washing, we avoid breaking these delicate pieces ourselves. As they are not in contact with the scourers, they are not scratched either. 

Less damaged hands: Although it is not what concerns us, it should be mentioned that our hands will be better, since the use of detergents and washing with water daily and several times spoils our skin. 

No works or remodeling: Dishwashers are usually located next to the washing machine, the sink or close to use the drain and the water supply, so that it is not necessary to do works or major changes to install it.

What to look for when buying a dishwasher

For all these advantages to be fulfilled in your case and also make a purchase that you are happy with for a long time, you must know the details that must be assessed so that your dishwasher covers your needs 100%. 

If you control these details, you are sure to get it right:


It doesn’t matter if you have a small kitchen, because there are even compact models. The standard measurement is 60 cm wide and the narrow models are 45 cm wide. The bottom is usually 55 cm. Of course, this affects your ability. 

Noise level

The noise level that a dishwasher emits is expressed in decibels, dB, and until now it has been the main complaint of dishwasher users.

But current models have reduced it considerably, not exceeding 50 dB. So we can choose the quiet dishwasher if we don’t like noise at home.

The price of the dishwasher is related to its noise level: the cheapest dishwashers can exceed 60 dB while the quietest high-end dishwashers do not exceed 45 dB. 


Dishwashers are measured by the number of place settings for which they have capacity. Less than or equal to six covers is ideal for couples or floors for one person. Between 6 and 12 places, for families of four with a lot to wash and 12 or more would be ideal for large families.

Energy efficiency 

One way to ensure that energy savings we mentioned is to check the rating of the appliance in terms of its energy efficiency. To be optimal, it must be A, A + or A ++, although we anticipate that between these three qualifications there are no major differences in electricity and water bills.


How is the interior of this appliance is more important than it seems. There are models whose interior are modular, so that certain spaces on their trays can be expanded or even adjusted in height and thus give them a different use.


If you are going to wash a lot of glass, make sure it includes a special program for its care, for example. Some that are very interesting are the Eco, pre-wash or half load modes, among others. Regarding the temperature, the normal thing is that they go from 45º C to 75º C for difficult dirt.  


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