6 good practices for doing an excellent rug wash

Ah! The rug… It makes the room so much prettier, right? Also, it can be an item for rest or a lot of fun. But then, tell the truth, do you know what to do when he gets dirty? Not sure if you need to machine wash or hand wash? If you, like many people, have questions about carpet washing, this article will help you! Anyway, if you don’t have enough time to do it all, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service would be a good idea.

How to do a rug wash in error? See the techniques!

Come on! Good carpet washing practices mainly depend on the type of your carpet. For example, if it’s thinner and has fewer pores, the dirt is likely to come off without much effort. Now, the story is different if he is thicker, with a large size and very fuzzy! First of all, we suggest that you observe its characteristics.

Attention: carpet washing must be carried out whenever an accumulation of dirt is identified. As each family has a habit, it is difficult to stipulate a predetermined time for this action. However, remember that cleaning this item, as well as others that are shared at home, is essential to maintain the well-being of the people who live with you. To get better results, it’s recommended to hire an effective carpet cleaning service.

1- Water and neutral soap ALWAYS!

The first recommended practice for a good carpet cleaning is: water and mild soap always! This mixture prevents your colored rugs from being washed out or stained by the action of chemicals. So, know that your greatest allies are those you already have at home!

2- Solve bad smell with baking soda

Baking soda has a slightly alkaline pH. As a result, it complies with the action of removing bad odor from your carpet! Put some of it during washing.

3- Set aside a broom just to wash your rugs!

My friend or my friend, having a separate broom for washing the carpets in your house is essential. Fabric mats, those that are at the entrance or exit of the shower box, are very easily free of dirt. However, shaggy or tall ones depend on a good mop. So, always have a separate broom just for this activity.

4- Use vinegar to fight germs and bacteria

Here’s a tip: white vinegar has the ability to fight germs and bacteria. For example, if your dog has peed on the rug and that’s why you’ve looked into how you can wash it, vinegar can do the thorough cleaning. Use only one spoon per wash, don’t overdo it!

5- Do a first cleaning before leaving the rug in the washing machine

The washing machine really arrived to make cleaning everything easier. However, the situation gets a little more serious when it comes to rugs. As we said, in some cases the dirt comes out faster than in others. So, so that your carpet does not get damaged or remain dirty, we recommend that there is a first cleaning – with the right to water, soap and a mop – before it is put in the washing machine. In the end, you will see how this little time of care before washing the carpet in the washing machine makes all the difference. Furthermore, it does not harm your machine.

6- Check the capacity of your washing machine

Finally, since we are talking about the washing machine, nothing better than mentioning another precious practice: making sure about its capacity! It sounds silly, but we keep putting on clothes – rugs, in your case – and we end up forgetting the washer’s full capacity. This is not good!

Therefore, if you are going to wash a large rug, choose to leave it alone in the machine, preferably. On the other hand, if you are going to wash small rugs, do not add an amount that exceeds the ideal limit for your washing machine. Stay tuned!