6 Luxury Villas in Goa That Are Right At Your Fingertips

Luxurious villas that come with surreal aesthetics, lush greenery and a posh ambience are Goa’s speciality. For those setting foot into this exotic state for a heartful vacation with family and friends, the comfort of luxury villas can be a win-win experience. If you cannot wait to take a peek into the stunning villas in Goa near the beach, here’s your ultimate guide!

1. Villa In Palms By Vescapes Bardez

This luxurious villa in Goa is surrounded by beautiful Palm trees. It has candlelight barbeques, crafted cocktails and an amazing nightlife to offer. The views of the pool, the garden and even the neighboring village are a traveler’s paradise to experience. Dump the homestay in Goa near the beach to enjoy a comfortable experience here.

If you love to relax further, the villa also offers a hot tub along with a private entertainment lounge. So, you can be sure to have an incredible experience.

2. Villa Branco, Vagator Goa

If you want to create a fusion of Indian and European real life, Villa Branco is it. The private beach villa in Goa has massive bedrooms, walk-in closets and an exquisite gazebo. The bespoke flooring and arched doorways also add to the magnificence of this beautiful villa. So, if you are looking to have fun without any inconvenience, this place is all set to give you the experience you are looking for.

The carved screens and well-tended garden here are also luxurious. You can take long walks in these areas of the region and have a wonderful view of Goa.

3. Tropical Dreams, Stay Vista

The best of privacy, luxury and aesthetics, Tropical Dreams is one of the most alluring villas in Goa near the beach. The luxe amenities, local markets and themed casinos here are to die for. Tropical Dreams features the most secure and comfortable stay too that will leave you feeling at-home in no time.

Tropical Dreams also boasts the most serene space that is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. The seafood delicacies here are also full of the right flavours and leave you wanting more. Do not miss on this wondrous experience.

4. Hampton’s Twilight, Siolim Goa

It is perhaps one of the largest and the most surreal villas in Goa you will ever come across. It provides staunch luxe and privacy like no other. The stunning lighting with soft private decks here is a relaxation in itself. The food that the chefs prepare here is also pure bliss. So, it’s definitely worth a homestay in Goa near the beach.

5. La Bougainvillea, Stay Vista

Drenched in the beauty of Portugal, La Bougainvillea is a villa to cherish forever. Whether you want to get lazing in bed, read a book in serenity or enjoy various amenities with friends, this villa offers all. The vintage appeal of this villa with a pint of regality will leave you falling for its quaintness time and again. So, if you are looking for a rejuvenating staycation that renders you stress-free, this is it!

6. Casa Do Amor, Stay Vista

An abode of tranquility, aestheticity and comfort, Casa Do Amor is the perfect getaway for the season. The spacious bedrooms, luxe seating areas and scenic balconies offer the most dreamy escape from the daily action-packed lifestyle we live. Unleash yourself into its beauty and originality as you sip your favourite drink outside and bask in the sun. This villa is a hands-down pick for the season.

Winding Up!

Goa is loaded with exquisite villas and homestays in Goa near the beach. But the ones we have recently mentioned above are the best of all. So, make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest once you are here.


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