6 Pool Maintenance Tips Every Owner Needs To Know

You must maintain your swimming pool. These 8 important pool maintenance tips will make sure you have a great pool for many years.

While pool ownership can bring a lot to your family’s enjoyment, it is not just fun and games. Pool owners should take care of their pool so it doesn’t break down over time.

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To keep your pool in tip-top shape throughout the summer and all year, you need to be consistent and dedicated. But with a little know-how, you can maintain your pool and keep it looking great.

We will be discussing 8 vital pool maintenance tips.

1. Water Quality

First, ensure you are regularly testing your pool’s water quality and adding the appropriate chemicals to it. You must maintain constant chlorine levels.

Your swimming pools chemical balance is an important thing you can do. If the pool is not properly balanced, it can harbor bacteria, make the water look murky, and cause swimmers to become uninformed.

Water quality should also be checked once per week during the summer months. It is also important to inspect the pool during winter, although you will have to do this less often. The winter is a good time to inspect the chemical levels of the pool.

Your pH must stay between 7.4-7.5. An unbalanced pH can cause calcium buildup around the sides of the pool and other problems. Therefore it’s crucial to maintain it properly.

2. Clean the Filter

Maintaining your pool requires that you clean the filter every so often. Even though you won’t be cleaning the filter as often or as frequently as you are checking the chemicals, it’s important to do this to ensure your pool looks great and is working properly.

Depending on your pool’s conditions, you may need to change the frequency of cleaning the filter every 3 months. You should also inspect your filter after a storm. Bad weather and heavy rain can cause a filter to need to be cleaned sooner.

3. Clean Various Baskets, and Collection Pots

Other than the pool filter you should also inspect all the baskets or collection pots your pool has.

First, clean out the pool pump’s hair and lint. The clear glass contains the hair and the lint pot. You’ll need to turn off the pump first, and then release the system pressure. This should be done at least every 2 weeks. If necessary, you can check it more often.

Also, make sure to empty the pool’s skimmer basket as well as a debris catcher.

These are available in your pool.

4. Verify the Water Level

To keep your pool in tip-top shape, you should check the water levels regularly. Too low water can cause problems with the pump, which can lead to it running dry or burning up.

A problem can also arise from high water levels. High water levels can lead to the skimmer not working as it should.

Water level fluctuations are normal after heavy storms and after pool use. It is important to ensure that the water level does not exceed the halfway point of the pool’s skimmer.

5. You can skim or scrub it up

Regular maintenance of your pool would not be complete without lots of skimming and scrubbing.

Skimming can be one of your most routine and common maintenance activities. The act of skimming is simply to remove leaves and other debris that has built up on the pool’s surfaces. To keep your pool looking amazing, you will need to skim every day.

Although you don’t necessarily need to scrub every week, it’s a good idea to do it at least once per week. Make sure you scrub the sides and edges of your swimming pool regularly with a scrub brush. Keep an eye out for algae growth and use the scrub brush to clean it up.


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