6 Tips to buy a Real Crystal

Crystals are becoming more and more popular so it’s easier than ever to buy crystals online and in-store from almost anywhere but with more supply comes more demand and sometimes to fill that demand fake crystals become ever more prevalent in the marketplace. I wanted to write to help you understand some key things to look for when you’re shopping for crystals so you guys don’t get suckered into buying Fakes. If you want to hear my tips and tricks on how to avoid buying fake crystals in the market stay tuned. Crystal is widely used on bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry, you can check https://www.umisoul.com/

We are going to be talking about fake crystals and how to spot the signs of buying them so I am gonna be breaking this article into two parts so in today’s video we are gonna be covering clear cord, Larimar and moldavite and in part two we are gonna be covering malachite citrine and turquoise so you guys if you want to learn about all six of these crystals, stay tuned for both part 1 and part 2.

There are so many crystals out there that are faked besides the six that are on this list to me these are the six most common that are faked. Clear quartz is one of the most common crystals that can be found out in the market so why fake it right clear quartz is often mostly faked with glass now, glass is still natural it is created from sand but it is not a crystal created from the earth so if you want real quartz you want to make sure you’re not buying glass which is often faked as quartz so some of the biggest signs to look for when you are trying to differentiate between quartz and glass is air bubbles so clear quartz will not have any bubbles at all unless it’s in hydro which is usually a movable bubble, but the clearest quartz doesn’t have any kind of bubble so the bubbles you’re gonna be trying to check for are actually air bubbles which are very common in the glass they are going to be very tiny so really look for those when you’re looking at clear cords.

The next thing you’re gonna look for is if it is perfect to clear. now remember this is created from the earth so it’s going to have inclusions and imperfections, if it’s too clear and too perfect it’s most likely last now I wouldn’t recommend this at all but if you do happen to drop your crystal clear quartz will chip whereas glass will shatter and this has something to do with how hard glass is versus clear quartz on the hardness scale glass is much softer than clear quartz so that’s why when you drop clear quartz it will not shatter it will chip and glass will shatter price is also going to be a giveaway not always but that’s usually a good indicator quartz is a common crystal but it is not super cheap by any means one could tell if you have a book around is to look through the book with your crystal so what you’ll do is you’ll hold your crystal up to words on a book if it’s quartz it’ll not magnify the words but if it’s glass it will so that’s one really easy indicator to look through your crystal at words in a book to see if it’s magnified that’ll tell you if it’s glass or not and this is a test I talk about very often.

The coldness of the stone is a good indicator of whether it’s real or fake, real crystals will be ice cold not just cold but ice cold, they will even be cold on hot days so I a lot of the time hold a crystal up to my face because your face is really sensitive to a temperature so the glass will feel cold but quartz will feel ice cold that’s one pretty easy way to tell on the spot if you’re buying glass or quartz so one thing to look up for when you are buying quartz is you’re not accidentally buying clear calcite so clear calcite often does look like quartz there is a visual difference between clear calcite and quartz clear calcite tends to be foggier whereas clear quartz is definitely more clear and clear calcite will feel waxy err calcite inherently is a more wax II stone so you’ll definitely visually notice the difference as well as you’ll notice a difference in hand so both are real crystals but just be aware when you’re buying you’re not buying clear calcite instead of clear quartz.

We’re gonna be talking about mold bite now, moldavite is an extremely rare expensive stone so when you’re buying it you want to make sure you’re buying genuine moldavite and it multi-vise is from a meteor so it is a little bit hard to certify whether it’s genuine or not because the fakes look really good so the first thing to look for is Mullah bite is extremely expensive per gram.

Sometimes a piece this big can run you thirty or forty dollars if not more pieces this big can run in the hundreds of dollars so if you’re getting a piece this big for twenty dollars it’s definitely a fake. No moldavite only comes from one location and that is the Czech Republic so make sure when you are buying ask where it came from if they’re saying it came anywhere else than the Czech Republic it is a good indicator that it is fake now.

When you are buying, moldavite is green if it’s any other color like gray or purple it is not genuine so you really want to look for that green shade now this can often be faked because you could make green glass look like moldavite so just make sure that it just is actually green when you’re buying it and not gray and if you hold moldavite up to the light you’ll be able to see that it has almost these dark shadows in it there’s a lot of depth and layers where is fake moldavite which is glass or plastic won’t have that type of that fake moldavite is often very dull and it’s pretty easy to tell when you look at the genui versus the fake so fake moldavite will also have little bubbles like the court this is because most fake moldavite is last but real moldavite does have bubbles in it but they are not tiny and perfectly round they are elongated uneven in random so that’s one thing is to look at the texture of the bubbles if they’re teeny tiny like the quartz that I was telling you about that it’s probably fake.

Another indicator of fake moldavite is texture genuine moldavite is not smooth it has craters it has cracks it has deep textures whereas a lot of the time it’s hard to replicate that with a mold for the fake mold of a so definitely looks at the texture it shouldn’t be smooth at all.

Another big dead tells a fake moldavite is it should never be round a lot of pieces of fake moldavite are very round so when you’re buying in bulk if they’re all around and all kind of look the same that’s a good indicator that they’re fake genuine moldavite is definitely not round in its shape so that’s one huge indicator to look for especially when you’re buying it online another indicator to look for when you are buying moldavite is not shiny or sparkly at all so if your moldavite has shine and sparkle in it it is probably not genuine and my last tip for buying moldavite is just make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller don’t just buy from a random person.


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