6 trends and tips for the business owners to start everything!

Investment in competitive advantages

Staying one step ahead isn’t just a catchphrase, and in Sales gaining a competitive advantage is essential to growing your business. The leading companies in the market allocate an increasing percentage of their budget to preparing commercial strategies for lines of activity that today are just ideas, but they sense that they will have growth in the coming years. Thanks to the market prospecting work they carry out, they will be better prepared than their competitors to take advantage of new opportunities.

Microanalysis strategies

The best salespeople are never satisfied with the potential for business growth because they know that if they carry out a thorough analysis, even in mature markets, segmenting the target and disaggregating the data, they can develop ad hoc strategies that allow them to strengthen business figures. With new technologies we have more and more ability to segment our target audience, which allows us to personalize offers and offer customers what they need.

Approaching new trends 

New spaces are really interesting to approach but it has a lot of risks, but some are really intense and well orchestrated, because of the growth of the industry, such as CBD business, because CBD was legalized in Canada, online canadian dispensaries have been easier to find and buy online. This is a great idea for a business because of the money and the value of all of the aspects. 

The added value of Big Data

The advanced analytics offered by Big Data make it possible to translate the enormous amount of data that large corporations have today into commercial tools . For example, a predictive analysis of customer complaints can establish correlations offering a more efficient response and improving customer satisfaction. Thus, the Big Data trends for the coming years go through an effective treatment of data to optimize decisions and take more effective actions, allowing companies to differentiate themselves in a relevant way from the competition.

Commercial outsourcing

The commercial outsourcing that we will see in the coming years will allow key areas in organizations to be outsourced in search of greater specialization and expertise. According to different Observatories, outsourcing will materialize in a collaboration between organizations, and not so much in a subcontracting as we have been accustomed until now, based on an exchange of techniques and strategies that will allow obtaining greater profitability and effectiveness.

Social networks

Social Networks are a valuable source of information for companies and professionals who want to gain a significant competitive advantage. Millions of people sharing their experiences, opinions, tastes and trends in real time on the different platforms offer the possibility of adapting the offer to the end customer in a way that has never been even imagined before. Therefore, Social Networks allow us to better understand who makes the purchasing decisions, who manages the budget, what opinion they have about our organization and what influences are relevant.