6 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Do Spotify Promotion for Effective Results

Most musicians launch their music career on Spotify dreaming to get discovered or getting the attention of the right audience right away. But the truth is far from reality. Only with Spotify promotion, you can get the attention of the target audience and boost your plays and number of subscribers.

Spotify is the best platform for artists who have just started in the music scene and the ones struggling for their desired amount of audience engagement for a long time. It is on the to-do list of all the artists on the platform. The streaming site is crowded with millions of musicians who are getting lost under the new uploads every day. If you do not want to meet the same fate as the others, you should start thinking about the ways to reach the target audience and get more plays on your music. Here are some tips on how to promote your Spotify music online:

1. Go for professional promotion companies

The easiest and the most time-efficient way of getting vast online exposure and plays, is to go for a paid music promotion company that specializes in Spotify promotion. You can get high-quality and effective music promotion without spending a fortune.

2. Build your Spotify profile properly

Your Spotify profile plays a huge role in acquiring success on the platform. For serious artists, Spotify has a separate section called ‘Spotify for Artists’. With this profile, you get a lot of features that you can use to increase your online exposure and engagement.

  • Make sure your profile gets claimed and verified. The audience is more likely to listen to verified artists.
  • Update your profile regularly. Keep all the information up to date.
  • Add the links to your music website and social media pages on your profile.
  • Go through the statistics about your engagement on the platform to increase your plays.

Get a complete guideline on how to create a Spotify profile.

3. Release a press release

Press releases are the best way to attract the attention of your target audience on different platforms. They are distributed to different media outlets, Google News, and other relevant websites. They help increase your online exposure and SEO, making you approach the right audience directly.

  • You can either write a PR before or a few days after the release of your track.
  • A pre-press release creates hype about your music among the audience. That way you already have a large number of listeners waiting for your music when it is released.
  • The PR published after the song is released increases its SEO and brings to a maximum number of listeners in just a matter of days.

4. Submit your music to playlists

Playlists are a big thing on Spotify. Most music lovers go through the major playlists on the platforms to listen to their favorite type of music.

  • Submit your music to the Spotify editorial team to get placed on the top Spotify playlists.
  • Contact the private playlist curators. Some of the biggest playlists on the platform are created by private curators.
  • If you are unable to get placed in the playlists, you can get started by creating your own playlist.

5. Promote on social media

Social media is the perfect place to promote your music. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are visited by billions of users every day. If you share your music with them, you will be able to direct that huge traffic towards the direction of your music on Spotify.

6. Collaborate

The method of collaboration is extremely popular in the music industry. You get the attention of both the collaborator and your audience with a single track. Always collaborate with someone who can also profit from the collaboration. If you approach some big artists, they will not be interested in the collaboration as they will not have anything to gain from the joint venture.


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