7 Basic Tips Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy- Here’s What You Need to Know

After marriage, “good news” comes with a lot of excitement, joy and worry. It can be an emotional roller coaster ride for women who experience it for the first time. At times, mood swings, weight-gain and uneasiness become difficult to handle. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep your health in check and visit your gynecologist regularly. 

Similarly, if you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy, there are some basic advice that can help you to maintain safe and healthy pregnancy.

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1. Balanced Diet

An old saying “eat for two” doesn’t mean that you need to double your diet. The basic thing is moderate and balanced diet, keeps you and your baby healthy. Balanced nutrition contains;

  • Complex carbohydrate- present in vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grain wheat
  • Proteins rich foods such as eggs, seeds, meat, beans, and yogurt 
  • Fibers rich foods- oats, nuts, avocados and berries
  • Healthy fats- walnuts, chia seeds and flex seeds 
  • Vitamins and minerals 

2. Take Multivitamins regularly

Ideally, if you are planning a pregnancy, you should start taking multivitamins at least 6 months before you conceive. Prenatal multivitamins will fulfill your baby nutritional requirements and keep you going strong. Consult your doctor about the necessary supplements containing vitamins and minerals that are required for you and your baby. For more specific details, book the best gynecologist in Lahore at MARHAM.pk. 

3. Body Exercise 

One of the basic early pregnancy tips is try to do exercise daily. But don’t make it hard on yourself. Your body is already struggling to build the little one. 

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Pregnant women need more water intake as compared to non-pregnant women. More water consumption helps to regulate your blood pressure levels. It keeps your body hydrated and prevents dizziness. 

During pregnancy, doctors recommend to drink at least 7-10 cups of water daily. Drinking water can also prevent other health problems such as constipation, UTIs, swelling, and hemorrhoids. 

5. Mandatory medications check

In the case of early pregnancy, you need to consult with your gynecologist before taking any medications. Particularly, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) includes diclofenac, ibuprofen, etc. should be avoided. These medicines increase the chance of miscarriage by damaging fetus blood vessels. Visit this site to know about Sign of Narcissistic abuse

6. Visit your gynecologist regularly

First pregnancy or early pregnancy can be confusing at times, so make sure you visit your doctor regularly. According to center for disease control and prevention, immediately consult your doctor if you feel any of these symptoms;

  • Cramps
  • Shortness of breath
  • Contractions at every 20 minute intervals
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Any fluid leaking/water discharge
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Increase heart palpitations 
  • Decrease baby movements

7. Check your weight gain

Healthy weight gain is very important in pregnancy because every woman wants to be in good shape. Moreover, rapid weight gain may develop serious developmental problems for the baby. Institute of medicine issued weight gain guidelines for pregnant women based on woman’s body mass index (BMI). You can calculate your weight by following these;

  • For underweight women: 28-40 pounds can gain 
  • For normal weight women: 25-35 pounds can gain 
  • For overweight women: 15-25 pounds can gain
  • For obese women: 11-20 pounds can gain 

Tips for Having Normal Delivery 

Research shows that around 85% of pregnant women have the capacity to give birth naturally. Rest of the 15% need to have C-Section deliveries. Statistics indicate that more than 30% i.e. 1 in 3 pregnant women undergo C-Sections. 

Stress, anxiety and poor health conditions are the major causes that drive a pregnant woman to deliver via C-Section. Moreover, C-Sections create long term health effects. You may follow these tips for having normal delivery. Check out Signs of Narcissistic abuse if you want to learn more about it. 

  • Keep yourself relax
  • Stay away from stress
  • Build strong support system
  • Stay away from horror birth stories
  • Visit your doctor regularly
  • Consult specialized gynecologist
  • Stay hydrated
  • Regular exercise/prenatal yoga
  • Oil massage
  • Practice breathing exercises

Major Signs and Symptoms of Normal Delivery

  • You feel your joints loosened in the pelvic area. 
  • Baby’s head putting pressure against the urinary bladder, hence urge to urinate increases.
  • More pain and cramps in the lower back area
  • Cervix dilation
  • Increasing contractions
  • Vaginal bleeding

Takeaway Message!

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, yet, tiring too. The above mentioned tips will help you to enjoy this new phase in woman’s life. Importantly, for smooth pregnancy, always discuss your complications and problems with your gynecologist. 

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