7 Benefits of Buying Health Insurance

People may think they are very fit and do not need health insurance. But there is no denying that a health emergency can knock at their doors anytime, which leads to burning deep holes in their pockets. Thus, to be prepared for various uncertainties in life, it is best to consider US Health Group health coverage. And there will be never-ending benefits that last a lifetime.

Here are various benefits that you will enjoy with the consideration of buying health insurance.

1. Provides Financial Security

Health insurance is beneficial when encountering health emergencies since you can deal with medical emergencies efficiently. With US health group health coverage, you will not have to worry about the rising costs of medical treatment. Since you will be offered the necessary medical coverage depending on the sum insured.

2. Safeguards Family Members

Most health insurances provide coverage for family members. This implies that a person’s entire family can be protected by having one health insurance plan. In addition to that, it gets to save on the additional premiums.

3. Cashless Hospitalization

For instance, the US Health group health coverage has made connections with various hospitals that can offer cashless treatment to the policyholders. The medical expenses are, therefore, directly settled by the insuring company. However, this is only applicable at a network hospital of the insuring company. Hence the need to get hospitalized at a network hospital to enjoy the cashless hospitalization benefits.

4. Protects Savings

Medical insurance plays a significant role in safeguarding a person’s hard-earned savings even during medical emergencies. No one wants to exhaust their savings on paying medical bills. Thus US health Group health Coverage got your back in ensuring your savings remain intact.

5. Offers Free Health Checkups

The other good thing about having health insurance coverage is that you get free health checkups. With this benefit, you can get free preventive health check-ups. Depending on the company you have signed up for, it might differ for each.

6. It Offers Tax Benefits

By purchasing medical insurance, you also enjoy the benefit of tax deductions. As per the Income Tax Act, health insurance premiums are always eligible for tax deductions. This implies that the amount paid as a policy premium will be eligible for tax savings.

7. Additional Coverage

People have different needs health-wise. Depending on a person’s needs, they can enjoy additional coverage in their health insurance plans. This is done by adding the needed riders to the existing health insurance plan. A good example is when you are newly married and planning to have a family, and then the maternity rider can aid you in covering pregnancy as well as newborn costs.


Since medical emergencies come without warning, getting health insurance coverage is an appropriate decision. It is one of the ways that you can feel equipped to handle health emergencies. With the many benefits health insurance offers, it is essential to consider buying it even if you don’t fall sick often. Hence, illnesses do not give prior notice.


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