7 Best Food To Eat For Weight Loss And Energy

Do you want to lose weight and don’t know what to eat? You have come to the right place. In this article, you are going to learn more about the best foods for weight loss. And it gets even nicer. All of these foods are not only perfect for losing weight but also give energy. Almost everyone can consume them.

Breakfast for weight loss

Breakfast has several advantages. With breakfast, you start the day with enough energy in the morning, provide yourself with plenty of minerals and vitamins, provided you don’t have the white toast with thick butter and chocolate cream for breakfast. You also start the day in a good mood, have strength for school, or work, for errands and the like, stay full for a long time, and cravings disappear if your breakfast is balanced and lasts a long time. If you stay full for a long time through your breakfast, have enough energy for the day, and provide yourself with many nutrients, losing weight works very quickly because you do not have excess empty calories.

Green tea

The bitter substances from the polyphenol family and the high caffeine content of the tea leaves increase the metabolic rate and thus ensure that your fat-burning gets going. Green tea is best drunk in the morning or between larger meals. It also has a stomach-cleansing effect and helps digest fatty foods. The bitter taste of the tea is not necessarily for everyone, but a few squirts of lemon or lime juice can help here, too.

Fish and Meat

If you want to eat in the evening and still lose weight, you should stick to the principles of the low-carb diet, which uses carbohydrates such as healthy buckwheat sparingly. Bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes should therefore not be on the menu in the evening. Meat and fish can be eaten without any problems. Another healthy and resource-saving, and good as meat-free alternatives is beans, which provide vegetable protein. They taste particularly delicious also.


The natural product is packed full of valuable ingredients such as enzymes, vitamins, and flavonoids. They have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Due to the lower insulin release, the feeling of satiety lasts for many hours, and there are no cravings. Despite the long-lasting feeling of satiety, the fat-burning remains active.

Drinking plenty of water

A few years ago, the Institute for Food Research showed that water burns fat. Water helps stimulate the nervous system, which regulates metabolism. Water fills the stomach, and then, the feeling of satiety sets in faster. Drinking only a large glass of water or unsweetened tea for about 30 minutes before taking your meals fills the stomach, reduces appetite, and speeds up metabolism and fat burning by up to 30 percent.


If there is one group of foods on a diet that you can eat without hesitation, it is vegetables. All vegetables have very few calories and many vitamins, minerals, and sometimes fiber. Vegetables are one of the best foods for weight loss.

Eat your fill of vegetables and reorganize your meals a little. People used vegetables as a side dish in the past alongside potatoes and meat. Now they plan a double portion and save on potatoes and meat instead. After eating, you are just as satisfied as usual and have consumed significantly fewer calories.


Grapefruit has long been considered the magic bullet against excess kilos. The grapefruit diet is ancient and still works. Since the fruit is full of healthy bitter substances, it contains less fructose. Bitter substances also protect you from food cravings. The pink grapefruits contain plenty of potassium, which binds harmful substances and thus detoxifies your organism. The vitamin C it contains also stimulates certain hormones that promote fat loss. Enjoy your grapefruit in a salad, in a fruit salad, or as a juice.

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