7-Day Shred Diet Plan

Starting a 7-day shred meal plan may seem like a daunting or even scary thing to do, but you don’t have to be afraid! This is made to be easy to follow, comprehensive, and they are designed to get results that are efficient for all body types.

The 7-day shred meal plan we are going to talk about today is a simple and easy way to begin a weight loss journey, or to try out meal plans! The shred diet plan is meant to fuel your body while helping you lose weight. It is a perfecting fat shredding diet for females.

There are so many diets that use fasting, cutting out all your favorite foods, or restricting your food intake until you are barely eating anything. The 7-day shred meal plan is not like that at all. Sure, some limitations might be new to your diet, but it is not going to deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to function.

Let’s break down the 7-day shred meal plan so that you can understand what the main components are, how it works, and more!

How Does the 7-Day Shred Meal Plan Work?

Like many diets, the 7-day shred meal plan slightly limits your calories, putting your body into a caloric deficit where the weight loss happens. The calorie deficit works alongside the other aspect of the 7-day diet, healthy eating. That is what makes shreds diet plans different!

Eating healthy is a huge part of anybody’s weight loss journey. Healthy foods in moderation with hydration and plenty of exercise are the recipe for a healthier body, inside and out.

A lot of other diets will restrict your food to only healthy foods, with no treats allowed, but the 7-day shred diet lets you eat some treats so that you do not get cravings for foods you used to eat a lot of. This means that you will learn to avoid the pitfalls and traps of cravings by indulging a little bit now and then.

Again, everything is in moderation!

Your meals during the 7-day shred diet plan will be spaced out throughout the day so that even with the caloric deficit, you will not feel as hungry. These meals are designed for shredding off unwanted pounds. Another important aspect of the 7-day shred plan is that the food you are eating is filling, and will nourish you throughout the week, not starving your body of important nutrients.

By doing this, you avoid putting your body under stress. Starving your body is unhealthy and can lead to severe issues concerning many of the important functions of your body, so pressuring your body into starvation mode is never a good idea, regardless of what you are trying to do.

This works to burn fat because a short amount of a caloric deficit is just what the body needs to burn calories for energy. A longer period of a calorie deficit can have adverse effects and prevent weight loss entirely!

Besides, it is way easier to commit to one week rather than starving yourself for the rest of your life.

What Can You Eat?

During the 7-day shred, there are certain foods that you should eat and certain foods you should avoid eating. The foods you can eat are perfect when used in meals for shredding off unwanted pounds.

The foods you can still eat are protein, (of course!) carbs, and fats, but you want to get these from healthy food sources. Basically, you want to get your protein, carbs, and fats from sources like vegetables, fatty fish like salmon, and lean cuts of meat.

These foods give your body healthy fats, carbs, and proteins that are used to build muscle and aid in weight loss! Plus, protein is filling, so eating protein can help you avoid snacking throughout the day or getting hit with cravings.

What you should NOT eat, however, are foods with lots of processed sugar. Anything that is overly high in processed sugars is not a good idea. Think of it this way, if the treat or snack you are about to eat came from a factory or you do not know what the nutritional value is, it is not part of the 7-day shred!

The best way to satisfy your sugar cravings and provide your body with the sugars it needs is to eat fruit! Fruit is high in natural sugars and vitamins that help fuel your body and keep everything running smoothly. Plus, fruits (and veggies) are a great source of fiber!

Let’s move on to where you can get some of these healthy foods involved in the meal plan!

Healthy Fats

Fats have been misrepresented in media and science for a very long time. Healthy fats are crucial for cognition, mental clarity, memory, and forming new neural pathways as we learn new things. During this 7-day meal plan, you should not avoid fats, just search out the healthy ones that fuel your body’s functions rather than clog them up.

Saturated fats should be kept to a minimum and foods with higher levels of healthy fats should take their place. Eating foods like nuts, fatty fishes, seeds, avocados, and extra virgin olive oil are perfect ways to increase your healthy fat intake while lowering the saturated fats in your diet.

Healthy Proteins

Healthy protein sources are fairly easy to come by and protein is super important in keeping you full all day and preventing you from getting cravings. You can get protein from a variety of different foods like turkey, beef, chicken, beans, lentils, and nuts. The meat you eat must be a lean cut of meat, one that is not high in fat. If you do not know what the fat content for a meat cut is, ask the butcher in your supermarket or do some research!

Another good protein option to have is fatty fish. fatty fish, like salmon, are great ways to incorporate healthy fats and high amounts of protein into your diet in one easy way.

Additionally, the 7-day shred meal plan relies on preparing protein sources properly to keep the nutrients in and avoid turning something healthy and into something that is unhealthy. Essentially, you should not deep fry or shallow fry anything during the 7-day shred.

Some good ways to keep protein sources healthy are to grill, bake, or boil your protein source. about 20% of your calorie limit should come from healthy proteins each day. proteins are super important in keeping you full. If you go lower than 20% of your daily calorie limit for protein, you may end up feeling hungry during the day, feeling the urge to snack, or getting intense cravings.

Healthy Carbohydrates

When people think of diets they automatically think of cutting carbs and cutting sugar out of their meals, but that’s not the case with the 7-day shred. The majority of your food intake during the 7 days will be from healthy carbs.

You should rely on lots of vegetables and whole grains to keep your body fueled and satisfied throughout the week while keeping your carb intake in a healthy ratio.


A lot of people talk about dieting and how after the diet is over they yo-yo back to the way that they were before. With the 7-day shred, many people have experienced lasting results that are easy to maintain and easy to get back.

The point of the 7-day shred is a reset for your body. To lose a couple of extra pounds while keeping your body in a healthy state. Other diets starve the body, but the 7-day shred plan helps fuel your body while burning fat so that you do not yo-yo back to where you were before! Click here to view detailed shred diet plan.